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6 Ryan O'Neal

When you hear the name Tatum O’Neal, you instantly associate that with Ryan O’Neal. Indeed, Ryan O’Neal is Tatum’s father, but the truth is they barely spoke while the girl was growing up.

In 2011, they tried to make peace and starred in a T.V. show called Ryan&Tatum, but it was too little, too late.

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5 Eric Roberts

One look at Emma Roberts, and you’ll know exactly who she is related to. Julia Roberts, of course. Emma is the daughter of Julia’s brother, Eric Roberts.

To understand what sort of guy Eric Roberts is, suffice to say Julia Roberts had to step in and help her sister-in-law Kelly Cunningham get custody of little Emma when the two separated. To this day, Emma Roberts is not on speaking terms with her dad.

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4 Constance Meester

That’s one hell of a mother. Constance Meester was in jail for drug trafficking when she gave birth to her daughter Leighton, the future Gossip Girl star.

Leighton Meester had a pretty tough childhood, always choosing sides in her separated parents’ many scandals. When the girl became famous, Constance shamelessly borrowed money from Leighton.

The money was intended to pay for Leighton’s brother’s medical expenses, but guess what? Constance spent them on plastic surgery!


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