Years of hard work down the drain, in an instant. The celebrities on this list saw their careers vanish in a matter of seconds, and they can only blame themselves for that in most cases.

For some, it was just a stupid mistake, like saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but for some, you’ll have to admit, they got pretty much what they deserved.

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10 /10 Stephen Collins

The actor who rose to fame playing a pastor on the hit TV-seriesΒ 7th Heaven was banned from the industry when he discovered he had molested underage girls.

Stephen Collins talked about his crimes during a 2012 therapy session. His then-wife secretly taped his confession and leaked the shocking revelations to the press two years later.

The actor tried to extricate himself from the scandal, claiming those were old stories, and he hasn’t done anything like that in decades.

It didn’t work as anyone in showbiz is crazy enough to associate his name with that of a pedophile.

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9 /10 Robert Blake

Robert Blake threw away a solid movie career because he thought he could get away with murdering his wife. He wouldn’t be the first to make such a mistake, and most go to jail for that.

Blake did not go to jail as he could afford good lawyers. Bonnie Lee Bakley was shot in the head as the couple was leaving the restaurant.

Robert Blake popped back in to retrieve his missing gun, and it was during those few minutes that Bonnie was murdered.

The actor himself was acquitted of murder, but at his trial, two people came forward claiming Blake had tried to hire them for the job.

That was enough for Hollywood to throw him away like a hot potato. Years later, a broke Blake issued a public plea asking for work, but no studio would have him.

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8 /10 Amanda Bynes

TV star Amanda Bynes destroyed a promising career with a stupid social media tantrum, during which she let out a torrent of profanities and attacked various celebrities.

The incident happened in 2012, following Amanda’s arrest for drugs. Instead of trying to pull herself together, she lashed out at various celebrities, like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, which she both called ugly.

Also, she confessed to being obsessed with rapper Drake and wrote she wanted him to ‘murder’ her vagina. Ouch!

The actress was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which might explain this bizarre incident, but as far as her showbiz career is concerned, she was pretty much finished the moment she clicked the post button.

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7 /10 Gary Busey

One of the best actors of the 1970s and 80s, Busey ruined his career following a motorcycle accident in 1988.

Accidents do happen, but Busey almost killed himself by not wearing a helmet. He was left in pretty bad shape and went bankrupt as the medical bills kept rising.

To make things worse, he turned to drugs to cope with his misfortunes, which is why he failed to get any significant parts over the following decades. And he still won’t wear a helmet.

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6 /10 Warren Beatty

One of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood, Warren Beatty, was swiftly relegated to ‘that old fool‘ status for a simple mistake, and if you look at the facts, it wasn’t even his mistake.

The incident took place at the 2017 Academy Awards gala. Beatty announced the winner for the Best Movie, but he froze when he opened the envelope.

He didn’t understand what he was reading, so he passed the envelope to fellow announcer Faye Dunaway. She found herself equally nonplussed and blurted: ‘La La Land.’

Seconds later, the organizers intervened to correct the mistake. Moonlight was the real winner.

It turned out Beatty had been handed the wrong envelope. However, for the public, he was still the one who froze on stage.

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5 /10 Oscar Pistorius

South-African paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius thought he was famous enough to get away with murder.

Like who’d doubt his story when he was known worldwide as Blade Runner, the double-amputee who ran like the wind. In 2013, he shot and killed his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, and claimed it was a tragic mistake.

He didn’t know Reeva was in the bathroom; he thought it was a burglar and, well, fired in self-defense. He almost got away. Convicted of homicide in 2015, he was recommended for early release.

Still, the public outcry that followed lead to a reassessment of his situation, and Pistorius was sent back to jail, where he will remain at least until 2023.

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4 /10 Kathy Griffin

Comedian Kathy Griffin became an outcast for taking her political views too far. As you remember, the Hollywood elite has been very vocal in its opposition to former President Donald Trump.

However, Griffin crossed the line when she posted to her Twitter account an image of herself holding what appeared to be Trump’s severed head.

The image was so gruesome that even CNN had no option but to cancel her show. Her national tour also fell apart as no venue would host her.

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3 /10 Rebecca Gayheart

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Rebecca Gayheart paid with her career for a tragic car accident in which she killed a child. It happened in 2001, and Gayheart was found guilty of criminal negligence.

Several drivers had stopped to let the kid cross the street, but she was too busy for that and sped ahead, killing the child on the spot.

She settled out of court with the kid’s family and managed to escape jail, but she was pretty much finished as an actress.

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2 /10 B.o.B.

American rapper B.o.B. had something going. His 2010 single AirplanesΒ was a pretty big hit. Unfortunately, the rapper managed to make a complete fool of himself after posting to Twitter that the ‘Earth is flat.’

Now, there are many nut-jobs out there who share this view, but B.o.B. was stupid enough to enter a very public debate with famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson who tried in vain to explain to him that the Earth is more of a ball than a pancake. Nobody would take the unfortunate B.o.B. seriously after that.

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1 /10 Sinead O'Connor

The incredibly talented Irish singer destroyed her career following a very public defiance act directed against the Catholic Church.

O’Connor tore a picture of Pope John Paul II on stage and had some pretty harsh words to say about the church’s abuse.

She did have direct knowledge of that, having spent several years in one of the church’s infamous homes for troubled youths. Still, she got canceled.

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