Being a paparazzi is an exhausting job as you always have to be on the lookout, following celebrities around and trying to catch a good picture, something tabloids would pay a fortune to lay their hands on.

You have to be smart and sneaky, but sometimes all that hard work pays off, and you catch someone famous making out with a new partner or flashing their private parts!

Let’s have a look at the celebrities who made some poor photographer’s day.

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10 /10 Justin Bieber

Bieber fans surely remember that day when photos of their idol vacationing in Bora Bora went viral. The pop star was caught naked, just getting ready for a swim, and everybody got a good look at his privates.

Some accused Bieber of staging the whole incident, but millions of female fans couldn’t care less.

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9 /10 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

Back in the day when Brangelina was the hottest gossip item, the paparazzi made a fortune-hunting them down. Their wedding was one of the most intensely awaited moments, and it brought photographers some $2 million.

Well, who wouldn’t want to see those two tying the knot? Equally large sums were paid for the first photos of the former power couple’s kids. And it’s not over yet.

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8 /10 Jennifer Aniston

Speaking about Brad Pitt, let’s not forget that before Angelina, he was married to Jennifer Aniston. All the world watched her see who’s going to be the lucky guy to help her get over Brad Pitt.

It is said that the pictures showing her arm in arm with Justin Theroux sold for $110,000.

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7 /10 Kate Middleton

The long romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton gave ample paparazzi time to hunt down the quiet English girl who had captured the heart of the heir to the throne.

And it paid, for they succeeded in getting some scorching pics of the future queen of England on the famous island of Mustique, in a skimpy white bikini. Certainly not the type of clothing you see her wearing these days.

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6 /10 Margot Robbie

Bombshell star Margot Robbie is one of the hottest names in Hollywood today. So far, the 30-year old has been very quiet about her private life, which made paparazzi even more determined to get something juicy on her.

Their wish was granted one day when the beautiful actress was getting ready to get out of her car in a sleek yellow dress, and it slipped off just enough to expose a nipple. Goof sufficient for the paparazzi on duty!

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5 /10 Demi Moore

You might remember when Demi Moore was the first celebrity to pose naked while heavily pregnant.

That was not a paparazzi feat, but Moore has always been a hot item in Hollywood, and photographers followed her around like crazy.

Her gift to them – the first pics when she got out of rehab, which sold for $100,000.

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4 /10 Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is among the highest-paid female stars in Hollywood, and there’s a massive interest in her private life.

Tabloids paid $400,000 for some pics showing her kissing her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. And they were fully dressed. Just imagine what a fortune a picture of them naked on the beach would bring!

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3 /10 Kirsten Dunst

Many female celebrities purposefully leave home without underwear, just hoping a photographer will catch a good shot of their private bits. Any publicity is good publicity. Kirsten Dunst isn’t one of them.

The actress was just out running some errands, and she was wearing some nice white underwear. It’s just that the thing slipped, accidentally exposing her lady parts. Oh, well, it happens!

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2 /10 Beyoncé

As you’d expect, all the media was practically ecstatic when it was announced Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z were expecting a child.

She did stoke media interest with a nude pic cradling her bump, so no wonder paparazzi camped outside their home to catch a glimpse of the new baby.

Things got so bad that Beyoncé used decoys to send the paparazzi on a wild goose chase. When Blue Ivy was born, her pictures sold for half a million dollars.

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1 /10 Princess Diana

Paparazzi hounded the people’s princess for most of her life. The camera loved her, and the royal family sure loved the publicity Lady Di brought them.

She became an even hotter target for paparazzi after her divorce from Prince Charles. The images show her kissing her lover Dodi Al-Fayed on a yacht sold for over $2 million.

Tragically, the accident that killed them both happened while their car was speeding away, trying to lose the paparazzi chasing them.

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