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6 /10 Oprah Winfrey

The popular TV personality got pregnant when she was way too young.

Oprah Winfrey had a troubled childhood, shipped from one relative to another, and even sexually abused.

She ran away from all that when she was 14 and soon got pregnant.

The teenager tried to hide the pregnancy as best she could but went into early labor when she was seven months gone.

The child, a boy, named Canaan, died two weeks after his birth. Oprah never had another kid.

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5 /10 Victoria Beckham

When you look at Victoria Beckham’s figure, you wouldn’t say she’s given birth to a child, let alone four.

However, the former Spice Girl had her first kid, Brooklyn, when she was only 24.

The infant was four-month-old when she married David Beckham, and he was the ring bearer at his parent’s wedding.

Well, sort of…

The Beckhams went on to have three more children, which did not stop Victoria from building an impressive career in fashion design.

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4 /10 Farrah Abraham

Abraham rose to fame with her appearance in the show 16, and Pregnant, which kind of explains why she’s on our list.

It’s not just the tender age that is so shocking, as Farrah Abraham’s story is quite tragic.

Her baby’s father was her high-school sweetheart Derek Underwood, who died in a tragic accident one month before the child was born.

She had the unique power to finish school and later went to college to get a degree in culinary arts.


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