The media would have you think they’re perfect, and indeed they look so.

At least if you don’t know what to look for.

Now, honestly, when you watch them performing on stage or waltzing on the red carpet, your eyes are drawn to the gorgeous dresses, the jewelry, or the curves.

Here’s a quick look at some very famous people who have more or less severe deformities to hide.

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10 /10 Tom Hardy

Hold that gasp. Yes, it’s genuinely one of the sexiest guys alive has a little defect, hardly noticeable as it concerns the little finger on his right hand. Now, whoever looks at Hardy’s little finger, right?

The actor did not get the deformity in some manly fight but in a relatively common kitchen incident involving a chopping board and a knife.

He was very young then, and he somehow managed to sever a tendon, and three surgeries later, he was left with a bent finger no matter what.

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9 /10 Forest Whitaker

The famous actor managed to turn his deformity into a trademark, and it didn’t hinder his Hollywood career in the least. On the contrary, it makes him instantly recognizable, and it somehow makes you love him for it.

Whitaker was born with a condition known as ptosis, which he inherited from his father.

His left eye is permanently drooping, which impairs his vision but not up to the point where it would be a problem, which is why he never bothered to have corrective surgery. And a brilliant thing he did as the lazy eye sure sets him apart!

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8 /10 Joaquin Phoenix

Having a lip scar can be a bonus in Hollywood, mostly when you play characters like the Joker. It makes you look a bit odd, but not that odd, plus you can easily make it disappear with a little makeup.

In most cases, such a scar is a telltale sign of a cleft palate surgery, but Phoenix insists this is not the case for him. He says it’s a birthmark, and his mother felt a sharp pain in her belly while she was pregnant.

She was convinced that pain had something to do with the baby’s scar. Or at least that’s how Phoenix remembers the story.

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7 /10 Kesha

Kesha was born with a tail. Not a long one, just a quarter of an inch long, but still a tail. While relatively rare, the condition is known as a vestigial tail, a reminder of our evolutionary past if you want.

Experts say all fetuses have such seats in the womb but get rid of them by the time they’re ready to enter the world.

When this doesn’t happen, the tail is removed soon after birth, as was the case with the famous American singer.

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6 /10 Lily Allen

Centuries ago, the singer would have run a severe risk of being burned at stake as a witch. In the Middle Ages, people thought having a third nipple was the Devil’s mark, and only a witch would have one.

However, the condition is relatively common and doesn’t indicate any dealings with Satan. Some still try to hide it, but the singer had no problem showing her third nipple on live television.

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5 /10 Martin Sheen

His left arm is a full three inches more concise than the right one. I bet you never noticed that!

The famous actor says he was left with this deformity at birth. It was a difficult birth, and the forceps crushed his left arm. With a talent like his, who’s gone notice such a defect?

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4 /10 Seal

Well, you’ve probably noticed that. Such scars like his are impossible to hide. Nor does he want to hide them.

The singer’s facial scars are the result of a medical condition called discoid lupus erythematosus, an illness Seal battled when he was very young.

For many other people, such spots can be a big problem, but for Seal, they’re part of his appeal.

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3 /10 George Takei

The Star Trek star was not born with a deformed foot, nor was it the consequence of some accident. He was left with a deformed right foot because many fans wanted to show his appreciation by giving him a pair of running shoes.

Quite regular shoes, there was nothing wrong with them. However, when Takei wore them for a 10 miles race, he felt a painful cramp affecting the muscles in the right foot.

And the foot remained cramped like that forever. Not even surgery could correct that. Weird.

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2 /10 Jason Momoa

When you saw him inΒ Game of Thrones, you were probably impressed with his wild look. And you might have thought the eyebrow scar is part of the makeup.

Well, it isn’t. Jason Momoa got that scar after a wild night in a bar. It so happened that a drunken guy attacked him with a broken beer glass.

It could have been severe, as the actor needed 140 stitches, but fortunately, Momoa was left only with the eyebrow scar.

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1 /10 Matthew Perry

Hardly noticeable, but the Friends star has the middle finger on his right hand, shorter than usual.

The small deformity resulted from an incident in his childhood when his grandad slammed the car door on his hand, and little Matthew lost the top of the middle finger.

That did not affect his artistic career in any way but has left him unable to give anyone the finger as it would be somewhat awkward.

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