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6 Lilly Allen

Centuries ago, the singer would have run a severe risk of being burned at stake as a witch. In the Middle Ages, people thought having a third nipple was the Devil’s mark, and only a witch would have one.

However, the condition is relatively common and doesn’t indicate any dealings with Satan. Some still try to hide it, but the singer had no problem showing her third nipple on live television.

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5 Martin Sheen

His left arm is a full three inches more concise than the right one. I bet you never noticed that!

The famous actor says he was left with this deformity at birth. It was a difficult birth, and the forceps crushed his left arm. With a talent like his, who’s gone notice such a defect?

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4 Seal

Well, you’ve probably noticed that. Such scars like his are impossible to hide. Nor does he want to hide them.

The singer’s facial scars are the result of a medical condition called discoid lupus erythematosus, an illness Seal battled when he was very young.

For many other people, such spots can be a big problem, but for Seal, they’re part of his appeal.


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