Most of the time you see them, they’re gorgeous with impeccable hair and exquisite makeup, not to mention the fantastic designer outfits.

In their spare time, however, many celebrities are not much to look at.

f you look at their faces without layers of makeup, you cannot help but wonder what they have over you?

With a team of makeup artists, you, too, could be on the red carpet!


10 /10 Kesha

Now Kesha looks rather cute without makeup, if you like freckles, that is. She hates them, which is why you rarely see her without many layers of foundation and concealers to hide them.

When she once posted a picture of her naked face, fans were ecstatic and urged Kesha to go natural and embrace her freckles—not going to happen!

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9 /10 Gwyneth Paltrow

The beautiful actress also has a freckle problem, not to mention, you know, those age-related wrinkles.

However, when you’re an A-lister, you cannot allow age to show, which is why Gwyneth rarely leaves home without makeup. She’s not ready to play grannies yet!


8 /10 Adele

The famous singer sure lost a lot of weight and has every reason to be proud of that. Still, don’t expect her to show her face without makeup any time soon.

With those eyebrows, you cannot blame her. On the other hand, when you have a voice like hers, looks don’t matter.


7 /10 Sarah Paulson

The 46-year old Sarah Paulson is past her prime, but she does have a class with the right makeup.

Most actresses watch what they eat to stay slim, but Paulson looks positively gaunt, and without makeup, she’s downright scary. Well, maybe that’s a plus when you’re famous for being in American Horror Story!


6 /10 Lady Gaga

She might be talented, she might have a strong personality and a unique voice, but she’s no beauty. And that’s with full makeup on.

Lady Gaga is even less impressive at home, but you have to give her credit for being quite happy in her skin.

“I’ve come to a place in my life where I’ve accepted things that are me, as opposed to feeling pressure to explain myself to people around me,” she said in a recent interview.


5 /10 Ariel Winter

Modern Family star Ariel Winter has made the bold choice of revealing her real face, and fans were a bit shocked to see what she looks like.

You know, they’re used to her cute smile and great eyes, both expertly showcased with the right makeup. Au naturel, Ariel looks like the nice girl next door, good enough to babysit your child.


4 /10 Cardi B

 Why do celebrities feel the need to tell us they’re proud of how they look when they are not.

Take Cardi B, for instance. In 2017, the rapper posted a video of herself, totally makeup free and not spectacular, to put it mildly. Don’t worry, it was just a stunt, as she’d never sport her natural look on stage.


3 /10 Amy Schumer

As a comedian, she’s right, but you cannot say she’s a beauty. Homely, at best, and those extra pounds sure don’t help.

You cannot help but wonder what she thought when she posted an image of her ‘clean face’ and severely dressed down. Was she auditioning for the crazy cat lady part in some movie, and we didn’t know?

Somebody should tell these women it’s not smart to present yourself au naturel when you don’t have that many assets. Many can pull it off, but Amy Schumer is not among them.

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2 /10 Ru Paul

Everybody knows Ru Paul in his extravagant costumes and bright wigs. However, if you passed him on the street regularly, you wouldn’t know him from Adam.

Ru Paul makes an obvious distinction between his on-stage persona and his everyday life. And he doesn’t mind going out with his boyfriend, dressed like a regular Joe, with a beanie on his head. Good for him!


1 /10 Katy Perry

We all have our ups and downs, and there are pictures of us we wouldn’t want anyone to see.

Imagine what beautiful Katy Perry must have felt when her former husband Russell Brand posted a completely unflattering picture of the singer on social media.

Not only did she look plastered, but she was also without a trace of her exquisite makeup. Quite embarrassing for a celebrity who takes such care of her public image. Yet, she forgave him at the time, although they did split one year later.

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