8 /10 Cruel Nature

Maureen’s friends waited for a while, amused by her adventure but worried as night fell and the temperature dropped close to freezing.

She had no protection against the elements and chose to take a path off the beaten trails, so there was no one around to spot her, which would have been easy at any time, being that she was naked.

The terrain was extra steep around the Canyon Creek Campground, where she wandered off too, and the underbrush was overgrown. The short analysis was grim.

7 /10 Police Search

The sheriff called for an immediate search that went on for days. Unfortunately, nothing was found.

Her trail went up to the roadside on the other side of the campground, which was better news than expected.

It proved that she managed to walk in the buff through the woods. But from there, the trail vanished.

No more footprints and nothing for the K9 unit to follow. Slight rainfall also occurred, which could have spelled certain death in those temperatures. The search ceased after a week.


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