On February 4, 2007, around midnight, a young man called 911 to inform the operator that he had accidentally killed someone.

He claimed to have suffered from hallucination and saw a demonic version of Ella, his three-year-old sister. At 12:30 a.m. on February 5, the police told the mother, Charity Lee.

She was working at a local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant as a waitress, that her daughter was dead and his son Paris Bennett had been taken into custody.

Later on, Bennett recanted his first version of the story. He admitted to waking up the following day after the murder with a clear state of mind and that the murder was part of a calculated plan to punish his mother for her drug addiction.

He sexually assaulted Ella and stabbed her 17 times. Bennett had talked with a friend over the phone for six minutes after brutally killing his sister before calling emergency services and making false statements about the CPR attempt.

He is now serving a 40-year sentence at Texas State Prison.


10 /10 No Babysitter

Before going to work that night, Charity made sure that a babysitter would be at the house to take care of her children. Bennett had a different plan in mind: somehow, the 13-year-old boy convinced the babysitter to leave around 10 p.m.

Since her mother was still at the job, no one could prevent him from what he was about to do. He went to Ella’s room, where he sexually assaulted his half-sister and stabbed her 17 times.

Bennett knew he would spend decades in prison for his heinous crime, but that was indeed his purpose.


9 /10 Misery Upon Mother

Not long after the attack, Bennett called 911 and admitted to having killed Ella. He claimed to have suffered hallucinations in which he saw an evil version of Ella.

He even pretended to perform CPR on Ella during the phone call with the emergency service operator.

It was a false confession that Bennett himself recanted the next day. The brutal attack was no less than a deliberate plan, done on purpose of inflicting pain upon the mother.

A few years before, when Bennett was 11, his mother took cocaine for six months, practically forcing him to take care of Ella.

8 /10 Drug Addiction Relapse

By the time the authorities informed Charity about what happened, Bennett had already been taken into custody. In his first confession, Bennett claimed that he was angry with his mother for she relapsed into drug use a few years earlier. 

Charity had overcome heroin addiction just before she became pregnant with Bennett. She managed to stay clean for 12 years before falling into cocaine.

The relapse drove Bennett angry. Charity herself knew that his son had every right to be. A teenage boy should not assume the role of an adult in a healthy family.


7 /10 Another Confession

Fast forward to several years, Bennett made another confession. He admitted to killing Ella so she wouldn’t tell anybody about the sexual abuse.

Although avenging the mother was not the main point in this version of the story, it all ended just as tricky either way.

On the night of the murder, Bennett sexually assaulted Ella. He grew more excited as he became more violent; her death was his climax.

Authorities found a trace of semen on her body and on the bed where she had been killed. Bennett said he was struggling with himself to stop.


6 /10 Methodical Killing

In a memoir titled “How Now, Butterfly?” released in January 2020, Charity wrote that Bennett watched violent porn such as bondage, sadism, and S&M before sexually assaulting and killing Ella.

In the final hours leading to the murder, he also searched for snuff films.

According to the mother, the stabs did not come from a furious rage. They were slow, controlled, and methodical instead. Not every attempt was even serious.

Most were only punctures and jabs, although it made no significant difference in the damage inflicted to the body of a three-year-old girl.

5 /10 Shaped By Murder

When Charity was six, her mother, Lyla, was arrested and charged with killing her father, Bobby. Her parents had been separated for some time but then remarried just 57 hours before the murder.

Police found his body had been shot several times in the back of the head, execution-style. Authorities believed Lyla hired a hitman to kill her husband. A jury acquitted her.

Charity Lee has been shaped by murder for almost her entire life now. She is the daughter of a murdered father and also the mother of a murdered daughter.


4 /10 Diagnosed Psychopath

Bennett told the police he stabbed Ella and pulled the knife out slowly. He said it felt like stabbing a marshmallow or mattress.

Whether the motive was to inflict pain on his mother because he took her children away from her – one dead and another in prison – or cover up sexual abuse, Bennett is guilty.

He is a diagnosed psychopath, and with an IQ level of 141, he is a genius at the same time.

Dr. Casey Jordan, who gave a forensic analysis of Bennett’s answers during an interview with Pierce Morgan, has said Bennett cannot and will not change.

3 /10 Parole In 2027

Despite the diagnosis, Bennett maintains there was no predisposition to the murder. He insists that he is not insane and does not suffer from mental illness of any sort.

Bennett was labeled “sociopath” in 2009 when he was held at a juvenile detention center; he was 15 back then.

Bennett is 26 now and serving his 40-year sentence at the Ferguson Unite Texas State Prison. He will be eligible for parole in 2027.

Assuming he will serve the entire length of his sentence, he will walk out a free man in 2047 at the age of 51.


2 /10 Violent Visit

The charity has come to realize that his son might come out of prison someday and kill her. He already attempted.

He slammed the table into his mother during a prison visit and pinned her against the wall, cutting off her air. Then he pulled the table back, allowing her to take a breath only to slam the table into her again.

Bennett has repeatedly said to his mother that he enjoys watching her pain. Charity knows his son is a dangerous man and can kill again given the right circumstances.

1 /10 Tough Choice

Now that Charity has another child, Phoenix, born in 2013, has been advised to hide before Bennett’s release from prison. She is safe at the moment that Bennett is locked away in prison, however.

Now and then, she allows Phoenix to talk with the convicted brother over the phone.

In her defense, she wants to teach her youngest child what “unconditional love and forgiveness” look like in real life. One day when Bennett is out, she might not have a choice but to stay well away from him.

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