8 /10 Certified Painting Instructor

After about several months of manual labor at Bill’s headquarter, Bob hit the road as one of the mentor’s two master apprentices.

They traveled the country to showcase how wet on wet should be done and sell painting supplies. Now and then, Bob would set a painting workshop on his own while still working for Bill.

It did not take long for the apprentice to master the technique that his employer used. Bob eventually became a certified painting instructor himself.


7 /10 Meeting Annette Kowalski

When Walt Kowalski called Bill asking if there was a painting workshop his wife Annette could attend, none was available. However, one of Bill’s instructors was teaching a class in Clearwater, Florida; that instructor was Bob Ross.

Impressed with Bob’s skills during the course, Annette encouraged him to build a business together. It was the starting point of Bob Ross, Inc., the company that made Bob into a TV star.

A PBS executive gave them the shot. It morphed into “The Joy of Painting,” which aired for more than a decade between 1983 and 1994.


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