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8 /10 Crawling Up

Chester started his music career in Phoenix, Arizona, with a few of his friends.

They recorded their cassette tape and then moved on to form a new band that released two albums between 1994 and 1997.

Chester became frustrated and nearly quit music altogether. Then he met Jeff Blue, the vice president at Zomba Music, who was looking to start a band called Xero, which would soon become Linkin Park.


7 /10 Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory’s debut album took off massively in October of 2000 and cemented Linkin Park as a definitive new iteration of alt-metal and punk rock.

Their success was sustained consistently over the years and was voted the greatest artist of the 2000s by a poll run by VH1.

The win came from Chester’s lyrics, which he co-wrote with Mike Shinoda, the band’s second vocalist.

They were about every day, painful emotions people go through every day that didn’t have a good voice at the time—things like sadness, desperation, and dread.


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