In most countries, an allegation of murder can turn into a justifiable homicide so long as there is enough evidence to disprove the wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt.

Taking a human life can be considered permissible before the law if the act happens under certain circumstances of justification, such as self-defense, in which a person takes life to prevent great bodily harm or death.

Another form of justifiable homicide is a state-sanctioned execution for a capital crime. In almost every case of justifiable homicide, the killer is absolved of liability.

An act of murder committed under circumstances of diminished capacity or heat of passion is excluded from the category.

In June 2019, Anthony Templet was arrested for murder after his father’s death, Burt Templet. According to his family, the son acted in self-defense against an abusive father.

He was initially booked with manslaughter, but the prosecution later changed it to second-degree murder.

That said, the court eventually convicted Anthony of negligent homicide in 2021 and sentenced him to five years probation. His criminal records could be erased, too.

10 /10 911 Call

It all began on June 3, 2018, when Anthony and Burt argued over the former’s mobile phone.

The father wanted to know whether his ex-wife Susan had communicated with Anthony. A fist fight ensued, resulting in Anthony shooting his father to death.

Anthony decided to call 911 after the incident and described to the operator how it all had gone down. Officers came to his Baton Rouge home and took him into custody.


9 /10 Blood On The Floor

During the phone conversation, Anthony mentioned entering a room and locking the door to hide from his father. In the room, he found a gun.

But, unaware of his son holding a firearm, he refused to back down and damaged the door. Anthony then fired off a shot.

He was not sure if Burt had been killed, but he saw blood flowing on the floor.

He then opened the door and saw Burt stumbling towards the bathroom. Burt asked Anthony to stop shooting, but the son pulled the trigger twice.

8 /10 Second-Degree Murder

The final two shots slammed Burt down to the bathroom floor. He survived the initial gunshot wounds, but the injuries killed him a few days later.

Anthony, the only suspect in the case, was subsequently arrested. He had no reliable defense until his family came forward to tell his side of the story.

Anthony’s mother, stepmother, and half-sister all shared the same level that Burt had always been an abusive father.

Thanks to their statements, Anthony was “only” charged with manslaughter rather than second-degree murder.


7 /10 Secluded And Abused

According to the family, Anthony was five years old when in 2008, Burt took him away from his mother.

Teresa, his half-sister, said she had been waiting for 11 years to hear whether Anthony was alive, and she eventually discovered his whereabouts from the news about the killing.

She further explained how Burt had secluded and abused Anthony for many years. Teresa believed his half-brother had only been trying to defend himself against a violent man.

She said that things were also violent when Burt was together with her mother.

6 /10 History Of Abuse

Anthony told the judge that he had never completed a year in any school because his father forbade him from attending. The case also revealed Burt’s history of abusive behavior.

Just months before the shooting, Burt’s ex-wife Susan filed an order of protection against him. At one time, Burt physically assaulted her in the face, knocking her teeth out.

Anthony’s biological mother, Teresa, also posted a missing child poster after Burt had taken Anthony away; there was never any lead.


5 /10 Negligent Homicide

The detectives at the sheriff’s department thought it was manslaughter, punishable by 40 years behind bars.

When the case made it to the grand jury, the killing was considered a second-degree murder with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

In the trial on March 1, 2021, Anthony Templet ended up being convicted of negligent homicide and was awarded five years’ probation.

As part of the conditions, he was required to attend counseling, earn his GED, enroll full-time in a school or hold a full-time job.


4 /10 Years Of Isolation

If he meets all the conditions, his criminal records could be deleted.

Prosecutor Dana Cummings said that Anthony shot his father after he had been forced to go through many years of emotional abuse, isolation, and maybe physical abuse.

Moments before the incident, during the fist fight, which prompted Anthony to run inside a room and lock the door, Burt did take a swing at the young man.

The attorneys and prosecutors agreed the decision was a just resolution to the shocking case.

3 /10 No Medical Expert Report

In an interview after the court, the district attorney said that his office and the East Baton Rouge Parish Sherriff’s Office had no access to Anthony’s medical reports during indictments.

They did not benefit from the account during both instances; the manslaughter and the second-degree murder.

Either way, had the court convicted Anthony for any of those charges, he could have spent decades in prison. But it didn’t happen. In the end, he was indicted for a more lenient crime.


2 /10 Positive Development

Jarret Ambeau, the lawyer representing Anthony Templet, described his client’s previous situation with his father as horrible.

He did not have any objection to the final indictment and the sentence, and he considered the decision the most appropriate outcome for everybody involved.

According to medical experts, Anthony does not threaten society, so jail would not do any good. Outside the courthouse,

Anthony mentioned that the outcome was a positive development and thanked everyone for their support in the case.


1 /10 Netflix Documentary

Anthony Templet is now trying to rebuild his life with his mother and grandmother in Texas. According to Teresa, the process has proven to be much trickier than expected.

At this point in life and after more than a decade of separation, she would happily settle as a friend to Anthony, knowing that a proper mother-son relationship is still far beyond reach.

The main thing for Anthony now is that he is surrounded by people who love him. His life story has been made into a three-part documentary on Netflix.

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