Waukesha Police Department

8 The Slender Satan

Once news spread of the attack, Slender Man took the public eye as the new icon of moral panic. The creator broke the silence and gave his sincere best wishes for the affected family, and has not spoken out about it since then.

Because there was no central source, there was no accountability. Slender Man had, effectively, get away with leading two young girls to a path of madness and evil.

There was no Charles Manson figure instructing them. They were victims of their illness, fear, and internet sensationalism. They believed it was all real.


7 The Beginning Of Slender Man

The earliest existence of Slender Man can be traced to the internet forums Something Awful. He was created by a user named Victor Surge for a photoshop contest where a short story was attached to a horrifically altered image.

His image consisted of a humanoid figure in a suit with long arms and a slender build, and no facial features. That image created a monstrous phenomenon.


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