8 Alaskan Tourism

Tim’s preservative hiking and documentation hobby, filming the wilderness and wildlife in Alaska, was not looked on fondly by Alaskans. Those who lived in the Great Wild know better than to camp out where the predators roam.

Humans are just as many animals as anything else to a hungry bear. But to Tim, he continued into his 40s regarding them with the same splendor that a child would at a zoo.


7 The Bear Whisperer

Tim thought of himself as a kindred spirit with the bears. They weren’t just his favorite animal; they were his bond. He counted himself as among them when they moved.

He got up close to them, played with them, and tried to talk with them. Occasionally, it resulted in incidents.

He ran from angry bears, but only after they proved mad at a distance. Every other animal in nature was supposed to be his friend. Or so he thought.


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