In 2018 April 27, the Hollywood stars celebrated their old headshots day, and the majority of the present-day stars shared their old photos.

Everybody starts from somewhere; even the celebrities’ have some embarrassing photos of their past. On the headshots celebration day, some shocking photos of the stars were trending.

It’s funny how some of them came from far, and they have evolved a lot in their career and life. Their social media accounts were flooded with old photos of their past, and it is interesting seeing their transformations.

These celebrations make the public realize that even celebrities are normal people, and they have old embarrassing photos of themselves.

All-stars remember how far they have come in their career, and they are proud of their achievements.

The majority of the headshots below are decades-old; hence the celebrities look quite different currently from the headshot appearance. The collection may leave you in awe. Here is a collection of the celebrities headshots.

10 George Timothy Clooney

George Clooney was born on 6th May 1961. He is a film director, actor, screenwriter, and TV creator.

George, the TV star, has been a star in many films, and he has three golden Globe Awards and 2 Academy Awards.

Clooney’s career life began in 1978 when he first got wide recognition in the media as a drama actor.

After the first shows, he was nominated and got an Emmy Award.

His first working place was at the ER, and he had many roles in TV films. The famous film called from dusk till dawn made him gain fame across many states.

He collaborated with a comedy director later and became more popular.

Nowadays, he is a major and successful actor in the comedy and drama sector.

9 Chris Pratt

Christopher Michael Pratt was born in 1979 and is a thespian starring in TV movies and action movies.

The prominence of Pratt came from his roles in the film called NBC Sitcom Park and Recreation.

He was nominated as an award winner in the comedy series of 2013. Pratt’s career life began when he was featured in several films like her, delivery man, and Moneyball, among other famous films.

He has been featured in famous movies since then, and he has been on successful films.

He is ranked among the most influential actors, and he is starring in the famous series Avengers, passengers, and magnificent seven.

8 Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was a singer, American model, artist, and vocalist. Monroe was famous for acting in comic shows and a famous s*x symbol in the 1950s.

She contributed to the changing attitudes of people towards s*xuality. Most of her films were grossed at 2 billion in 2019. She was a pop icon and star known for many successful films.

Her childhood wasn’t smooth as she grew up being tossed from orphanages and foster cares.

She was successful in her modeling career, and she was successful in her career as a popular artist.

One time in her modeling career, she had a scandal after posing for nudes, but the scandal faded away.

7 Kristen Anne Bell

Kristen Bell is a singer, producer, and voice performer.

Her career began in stage productions, but most of the famous and successful stars began here.

The comedy musicals she was starred in were many, and they included a film called Spartan and a drama movie called Gracie’s choice.

She was a big role player in the trending movies, and she was a great performer who earned a Saturn award.

Succeeding in the film sector isn’t easy, especially for women, so she is a superwoman.

She trended after starring in a science fiction drama from 2007 to 2012.

6 Adam Richard Sandler

Adam Sandler is a comedian, performer, film producer, scriptwriter, and singer.

Adam is a renowned Hollywood star nowadays, which has been in various comedy shows.

His shows include;  Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, Mr. Deeds, The Longest Yard, Grown Ups, and 50 First Dates.

He gained fame after voicing an animation hotel Transylvania as the vampire Dracula.

All his films trend across all the states. He is an award-winning actor in various fields.

5 Amanda Seyfried

Amanda was born on 3rd December 1985, and she is a singer, model, star, and actress.

Amanda has been featured on many CBS telenovelas and ABC soap operas.

She started as a model when she was 11 years old in Pennsylvania, her homeland.

Her famous films include; Nine Lives, Alpha Dog, and the series called Big Love.

She was also featured on other shows like musicals, horrors, movies, comedies, etc.

4 Ben Edward Stiller

Benjamin Stiller was born on 30th November, 1965, and he is a comedian, writer, actor, movie star, film producer, and film manager.

His background is a family of late comics’ Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.

He is an Emmy awards winner among other awards, and his comedies are loved by many people internationally.

3 Edward Helms

Edward Helms Parker was born on 24th January 1974, and he is a comedian, singer, and actor.

Helms is a captain of many comedy shows and an illumination of various epic movies.

2 Emma Watson

Emma Charlotte Watson was born on April 15, 1990.

Emma is a model, activist and actress.

Miss Watson was born and brought up in Paris, Oxfordshire.

She has gained prominence in the acting sector, and nowadays she is a famous movie star, especially after acting in the Harry Potter.

Her voice has listened globally in various songs, and her famous movies roles include; Harry Potter, The Bling Ring, This Is the End, Colonia, and Regression.

1 Jamie Curtis Lee

Jamie Curtis was born on 22nd November 1958, and she is a talented author, activist, and actress.

Most of her films have been watched globally, and she is among the highly ranked Hollywood stars.

She is in many roles in Halloween’s following movies: Resurrection, sequels Halloween II, Prom Night, The Fog, and Terror Train.

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