8 /10 Long Search

The search lasted for three weeks. Each day Jessica wasn’t found caused untold stress and horror for her family and for the concerned nation who watched from their homes.

The case gained massive traction through the media. Finally, a 9-year-old girl was just taken from her own home with no signs of struggle. Wild theories erupted as the media rapidly circulated the terrifying story.


7 /10 Out Of State

Authorities learned of one missing piece to the gruesome puzzle, a nearby resident to the Lunsford home where Jessica was taken been absent, and found in Augusta, Georgia.

John Couey, a sex offender and convict of many small-term crimes, had a warrant out over cannabis possession.

His lengthy criminal background, including break-in burglaries and trespassing, made him a prime suspect, but he denied allegations and was released from questioning.


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