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8 The Dangers Of Albinism

Albinism results in “Albino People,” who, regardless of their race, have white skin and often orangish or light, nearly white, hair.

They also have red eyes, which as part of the problem, results in increased eye sensitivity and can lead to partial blindness early on.

Their skin is also extremely susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer, and the preventative measures of sunscreen are expensive in Africa compared to most parts of the world.

7 Modern-Day Witch Doctors

The current black market industry of Albino body parts, which is a real thing, trades the limbs, including heads, for high prices in traditional medicine rituals.

There are shamans and witch doctors who maintain respected positions within their communities as the educational standards in many African countries are severely lagging behind the rest of the developed world.

They believe in these things, that body parts can do magic and bring fortune, which is why it happens.


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