8 /10 Devastating Phone Call

The phone rang moments later, and Victoria picked it up. On the other end of the line was a neighbor Marie Lucisano, who broke the news that Frank had an accident.

She said Frank was OK except that he suffered an injury in the leg. The mother didn’t hear the conversation but insisted that Victoria tell her about the phone call.

Victoria told her mother that Frank had been involved in a car accident in front of Marie’s house.

7 /10 More Than A Broken Leg

The mother rushed to the site of the accident on 87th Street. The ambulance had been there when she arrived. Marie told Victoria that Frank had broken his leg, but the situation was much worse.

Frank borrowed another kid’s bicycle and was riding near the side of the road at a construction site. A car driving down the avenue struck the boy.

The accident happened just several blocks away from home. News of his death soon reached his crime boss, father, John Gotti.


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