Most people know Pete Davidson as an alumnus of Saturday Night Live.

The New York-born comedian has had a successful career or stand-up shows and acting gigs where he makes light of the crass city he came from and the humor that grew in him throughout his life.

He’s a young rising success with plenty to show for it, including a successful transition to drama for his leading role in The King of Staten Island.

This movie was significant to him. Not only was he a lead, but he was also the executive producer and co-writer because the story of the film is his own, authentic story of loss.

Most people who know Pete Davidson know that he remembers his father, Scott Davidson, very well.

His father was a firefighter who died in service during the 9/11 terror attacks.

Over 20 years later, his loss continues to affect his loved ones, but for the better as he is remembered as a hero and has been honored through his son’s legacy.


10 /10 Scott The Man

Scott Davidson was born in 1968 and grew up in New York City, specifically Staten Island. Not much is known about his childhood or youth, and he held many positions as he grew up.

He was seen as highly competitive in many fields, always striving to accomplish something, and pulled ahead of his peers in various disciplines.

9 /10 Scott The All-Star

Scott was involved in baseball and basketball in high school. He competed in the Great Kills Little League in baseball, which won him many awards.

He pursued Basketball more fiercely up until his senior year. He was awarded the MVP title for his skills and time committed to the team.

He continued this trend in college, where he played basketball for the College of Staten Island for all four years and captained his senior year.

8 /10 Scott The Worker

After graduating, Scott held a local basketball coach and part-time teacher.

He met his wife, Amy Waters, working in the school system, where she remained as a nurse at the Xaverian High School that was later attended by their son Pete.

He did work as a bartender on the side while he worked to graduate from the fire academy to become a firefighter.

7 /10 Scott The Firefighter

Scott Davidson considered being a firefighter to be ‘the most incredible job in America’ and was something he aspired to be all his life.

He finally stopped putting it off and graduated from the academy in 1994. He was a Ladder Company 118 in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

He was called to many scenes and helped save many lives through his professional and disciplined skills.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

6 /10 Scott The Father

Scott and Amy had two children, Peter and Casey. Pete, born 1993, and Casey, born 1997, were the pride of his life.

They were the most important things to him, even above being a firefighter and who he lived his best life for.

He taught Pete football and baseball from a young age and cherished his time with his daughter.

His goals weren’t centered around wealth or material goods but around providing for and supporting his family.

Wikimedia Commons

5 /10 Scott The Hero

Scott was dispatched with his company to respond to the 9/11 terror attacks.

Along with many firefighters, he saw the damage ongoing to the World Trade Center buildings and went inside to attempt to assist in the evacuation and protecting civilians.

He was last seen running into the building before it collapsed. Unfortunately, he was inside when the building came down and died performing his duties. He was 33 years old at the time.

DFree /

4 /10 Scott's Son

For the longest time, Pete was incredibly traumatized by the loss of his father. As a child, Pete would often act out in school, even to the point of pulling out all of his hair until his head was bald.

He had suicidal thoughts and was frequently disciplined over his outbursts as a teenager.

He claims that what helped him get through it was the music of Kid Cudi and his eventual shift into comedy as a hobby and career.


3 /10 Remembrance Through Humor

Scott’s legacy was incorporated into his son’s stand-up routine. Pete’s comedy stylings come from his own life and relate harsh truths of reality with brutal honesty in a comedic, understanding tone.

He has said that joking about his dad helped him move on from the trauma he felt and how powerless it made him think to lose him those years ago when he can relate it to people in a way that makes them smile.

He never makes light of the sacrifice his father made but approaches it in a way that lets him be positive.

2 /10 Tributes And Honors

Scott was honored as a firefighter in life and posthumously.

His son has put forth the most effort in keeping his father at various times, during anniversary events remembering the fallen victims and heroes of the 9/11 attacks and in his personal life.

Pete is a fan of tattoos and has his father’s badge and a number tattooed on his body. He was also given his father’s badge, which he considers an essential keepsake to his name.

Apatow Productions

1 /10 Remembered In Film

Pete Davidson worked with Judd Apatow to produce a movie based on his own life and the alternative path he could have taken to follow in his father’s footsteps.

The movie The King of Staten Island casts Pete as Scott Carlin, son of a firefighter who died helping people in the 9/11 terror attacks who then works with his step-father to become a firefighter in his own right.

The movie helped Pete Davidson move on and reconcile with his loss in a new way and allowed him to “grow more as a person.”

He wanted to close the chapter in his life of mourning his father by honoring him the best way he knew how.

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