For years and years tons of conspiracy theorists have proposed that the moon landing made by the United States Government was not real.

The reason most of these theorists give for their proposal is that the U.S. just wanted to assert their dominance in their race to space with Russia.

This claim has become more and more popular as the years pass.

There have even been various polls where more than 20 percent people from America believe that their country never stepped foot on the moon.

Once the Apollo missions came to an end during the seventies, the U.S. never went back there. This is reason enough to create grounds for suspicion.

People say that, with the sophisticated technology that we have today, it would be relatively easy to find out if modern moon landing footages are real or fake.

The only time the United States astronauts landed on the moon was Richard Nixon was serving as the president of the United States.

In addition, since the Watergate scandal, many people have different opinions regarding Richard Nixon’s reign as the president.

In this comprehensive article, we will go over all the tiny details that propose enough evidence to make you think that the landings were indeed hoaxes.

You will also find some of the explanations that NASA made for every entry in order to have a clearer perspective. So without further ado, let us begin.

10 The Rock With The Letter “C” On It

There is a famous photo that is still making waves all over the internet. In it, there is a rock that you can clearly see on the foreground. This rock has “C” embedded onto it. Upon taking a closer look, you will notice that it is perfect in its symmetry.

Because of this, a lot of people believe that the letter is not simply a random natural occurrence. There have been tons of suggestions claiming that the rock was just a prop having the letter “C” on it written by an alleged filming crew.

It is highly likely that one of the crew members mistakenly turned it towards the wrong direction accidentally showing the rocks marking on camera.

The explanations that NASA has tried to provide for this are quite conflicting. In one explanation, they said that the photo developer added the letter to make a practical joke. In another explanation, they claim that what appears to be the letter “C” is actually a piece of stray hair that randomly tangled someplace while the picture was still in the development stage.

9 Waving Flag Theory

Some conspiracy theorists with a watchful eye pointed out the fact that when the inaugural moon landing was televised, the viewers were clearly able to see America’s flag fluttering and waving in all its glory as Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planted it.

Some photos of the moon landing also show a bit of rippling in the breeze clearly showing a slight fold present on the flag. In case you have not noticed by now, there is major problem here – which is, the atmosphere of the moon does not have anywhere, which means that there would not be any wind to blow the flag.

Once again, NASA tried to do everything possible to give everyone an explanation (or excuse) in order to disprove the phenomenon mentioned above. The higher ups from NASA stated that the flag was present inside very thin tube. They say that the ripple effect happened because they were unfurling the flag before planting it.

There have also been various other explanations regarding the ripple, one of which is – the astronauts were touching the flag’s aluminum pole with excessive force which caused the flag to flutter and wave the way it did. Once again, very few people bought this explanation and claimed that there was tampering that loomed over this scenario.

8 Various Sources Of Light

For those of you who do not know, there is just one significant light source present on the moon, and that is the sun. Therefore, suggesting that all of the shadows must run parallel towards one another would only be fair.

Surprisingly however, this did not happen to be the case when the moon landing happened, all of the photographs and videos clearly display that the shadows are falling in multiple directions.

Once again, conspiracy theorists were quick to jump on this and claim that multiple shadows are an obvious indicator of various light sources. It suggested that the moon landing videos and photos were in fact shot on by a film crew on a proper film set. 

The explanation that NASA tried to provide for this was that the shadows occurred because of the uneven landscape of the moon. They claimed that there were subtle hills and bumps on the surface that resulted in the discrepancies that everyone was pointing out.

Some theorists have tossed this explanation out by asking the question: how can hills create such a massive angular difference? NASA did not provide any answer to this query whatsoever, standing firm with their hills and bumps explanation.

7 Hidden Cables And Slow Motion Walking

Since more and more people started to believe that NASA faked the moon landings by shooting a highly produced video, many conspiracy theorists have come to believe that NASA even mimicked the low gravity conditions of space.

Some video editing experts who were following the moon landing situation with vested interest claimed that if you raise the footage’s speed 2.5 times, you will notice that the astronauts are moving in the gravity of Earth.

As far as the impressive jumping height shown in the videos goes, which is obviously impossible to achieve with Earth’s gravity, there were probably hidden wires and cables that most likely helped the astronauts to get some extra height on their jumps.

Some online forums even have screenshots and outlines of the hidden cables that they were talking about. NASA claimed that these screenshots were doctored by a professional. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

6 Scarcity Of Impact Crater

This is how the claim goes: If NASA actually landed on the moon; wouldn’t there be a massive blast crater below the lunar module in order to mark the landing? If you take at any of the photographs or the video footages of the moon landings, you will clearly see that there is no crater there.

This is a clear indicator that the module did not land anywhere; in fact, someone strategically placed it on the movie set. In case you did not know, the moon’s surface is fool of fine particles of lunar dust. Once again, there is no evidence to suggest that there was any lunar dust around the module.

That being said, there could be a few explanations behind the craters lack of impact. One of the explanations that NASA provided was that the module did not need too much thrust in the moon’s low gravity atmosphere than what it would have required on Earth’s atmosphere.

The moon’s surface is actually rock solid, therefore. A blast crater would probably not be feasible similar to how an aero plane does not leave behind a crater after touching down on an airstrip made of robust concrete.

5 Where Were All The Stars?

What you are about to read right now is one of the most compelling arguments that more or less prove that the moon landing was a properly organized hoax. If you have seen the video and photographic evidence of the moon landing, you will notice that there little to no stars.

Since the moon does not have any clouds, the stars should be completely visible and remarkably brighter in comparison to what everyone sees through Earth’s filter.

The argument being made here is that the people at NASA faced a tremendous amount of difficulty to figure out the precise location of each and every star to create their hoax. So, in order to steer themselves clear from controversy, they decided to leave the stars out from the footages.

The excuse that NASA officials provided for this were that the photograph’s quality was subpar and that in reality, there were tons of stars there.

What makes this scenario even more interesting is that there are some high quality photographs of the moon landing present and they do not show any stars either.

Plus, considering you can shoot a picture of stars from your camera on Earth and still be able to see them, one would expect that a picture taken from space would show the stars much more clearly.

4 A Questionable Object

Once the moon landing photographs started becoming available to the general public, some theorists with a keen eye immediately noticed something mysterious about it. There was an object that could clearly be seen on the reflection of one of the astronaut’s helmet.

The theorists noted that the object seemed like it was hanging with the help of a wire or a rope. It had no purpose of being on space. According to some speculations, the object in question was actually a spotlight placed on the alleged film studio’s ceiling, which once again suggested that the moon landing was indeed a hoax.

Since most of the photographs were of very poor quality, you can raise some questions over the object’s resemblance. However, the mystery still looms large as to why does space have something suspended midair or lack of it.

When looking at the lunar module present in other photos, there seems to be no sort of extension from the photo in question. Therefore, the object and the photo remains a mystery to this day.

3 Van Allen Radiation Belt

To reach the moon, the U.S. astronauts had to go through something called the Van Allen Radiation belt. This belt stays in place with the help of the magnetic field of the Earth.

It ensures that the belt remains in the same position. The Apollo missions that used to happen back in the day marked the inaugural attempt to transport human beings through the Van Allen belt. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the radiations are too extreme for anyone to handle.

It would most likely fry the astronauts on their way to the moon. They even said that the massive aluminum layers of coating on the exterior and interior of the spaceship would still get damaged while passing through the Van Allen belt.

NASA’s counterargument to this was that, it took only a small period of time for the astronauts to go through the belt. What this means is – the astronauts were indeed exposed to the radiation, but in extremely small doses.

2 Questionable Cross Hairs

The cameras that they astronauts were using in the moon landings consisted of multiple cross hairs to help them with direction and scaling. These crosshairs were imprinted on top of almost every photograph.

However, there were some images that clearly display the cross hairs present behind certain objects, which imply that the photographs went through heavy editing. Furthermore, several objects in the photos appear to be ahead of the cross hairs. This also includes the lunar rover as well as the American flag.

Some conspiracy theorists suggested that NASA had printed man made items over real photographs in order to hoax the moon landing. That being said, if the organization did plan to do this, why would it use cross hairs to begin with? This questions still remains a huge mystery.

1 Identical Backdrop

There are some photos from the Apollo fifteen missions that clearly contain duplicate backdrops. NASA still claims that the pictures were taken from great distances. One of the photos even displays the lunar module.

What is so surprising about this is that the photos were taken after the module landed, which raises the question: How could the module be there in one photo and not be there in another? Conspiracy theorists claim that NASA used duplicate backdrops when they were filming various scenes of moon landing footages.

NASA, however, tried to defend itself by claiming that because the moon is significantly smaller than the Earth; their horizon could appear closer than they actually are to the untrained eye.

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