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6 Courtney Love

Love has been accused of doing heroin while pregnant with Frances, the daughter she had with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

Following Cobain’s tragic death, Courtney Love did not stop for one minute to consider her responsibilities and went on partying hard and doing drugs.

It was only after she overdosed on Oxy that she lost custody of her daughter. No wonder the relationship between the two is fraught with difficulties even now when Frances is a grown-up woman.

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5 Kim Basinger

The famous actress committed one of the biggest sins a parent can be guilty of, using her child to get back to Alec Baldwin.

It was Basinger who released the infamous tape where Baldwin can be heard launching a barrage of profanities against his daughter, who was only 11 at the timeā€”ever considered your daughter’s feelings, lady?

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4 Alec Baldwin

Just because his ex-wife did a bad thing does not excuse the charming Alec Baldwin in any way.

Those who have listened to the offensive message were appalled to hear Baldwin call his daughter a ‘thoughtless little pig’ and promise he’ll straighten her ass next time they see each other.

At the same time, you don’t tell a child her mother is a ‘thoughtless pain in the ass,’ no matter how mad you are.

Adults should know better than to vent their fury at each other in front of a child who’s already messed by their parents’ divorce.


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