8 Armin Meiwes

In one of the most extraordinary criminal history trials, Armin Meiwes of Rotenburg, Germany, admitted to having killed and ate engineer Bernd Brandes. The latter volunteered to be killed and eaten by the former.

The willing victim answered an online advertisement in which Meiwes stated he was looking for a young, well-built man who wanted to be eaten.

When the two met, Brandes swallowed twenty sleeping tablets and half a bottle of schnapps.

With Brandes’s agreement, Meiwes cut off his penis and fried it for the both of them. Meiwes later killed Brandes and dismembered the body.

7 Eladio Baule

During Eladio Baule’s daughter’s wedding in the municipality of Narra in the province of Palawan, the Philippines, on July 17, 2004, a bizarre case of cannibalism happened.

It all started when the bride’s father grew angry because his cousin, Benjie Ganay, accidentally touched the bride’s bottom.

Together with son Gerald Baule, nephew Sabtuari Pique, and another cousin Junnie Buyot, the father killed Ganay and cooked his body. They served the roasted body to the guests.


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