8 /10 Suspect Identified

The early investigation led the police toward a 34-year-old suspect with a history of child molestation charges in a separate case.

Authorities later determined that the suspect could not be linked to April’s death, and he was also acquitted of other wrongdoings in the other case a month later.

Some witnesses claimed to have seen a girl matching April’s description being forced to get into a blue truck near her house.

The police also offered a reward for any information that might help with the investigation. There was no new lead, and the case went cold.


7 /10 Taunting Message

In May 1990, the police found a message written on a barn in St. Joseph Township. The person who wrote it claimed to be April’s killer and taunted the police about whether they found the other shoe.

It was written with crayons, later found lying around just a few steps away from the barn. The police and the community saw the message as irritating, but they couldn’t do anything because it didn’t lead to any new hint about the killer anyway.

Soon enough, the murder of April Tinsley became the most notorious unsolved case across the Midwestern states.


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