You expect athletes to be strong and fit; that’s part of their job, after all.

What you don’t expect them to be is hot.

And yet, if you look at the women on this list, you cannot help but wonder why aren’t they in the movies?

Or on the catwalk?Β 

And if you do happen to watch them in a sports competition, you risk not even noticing what they did there since your eyes will be drawn to their incredible bodies.


10 /10 Laure Boulleau

Women’s soccer is becoming increasingly popular, but you wouldn’t expect it to attract such hotties as Laure Boulleau.

This diminutive 5ft tall French athlete is one of the Paris Saint Germain soccer team stars, and this is one of the best clubs in France. She even made it to the national team, so you can bet she’s not only gorgeous but also good!

Laure Boulleau also does a bit of modeling in her spare time, and you’ve probably seen her in photoshoots for Dior or Nike.


9 /10 Ellen Hoog

Just look at those eyes! And that face! Ellen Hoog is such a sweet young woman, but don’t let those delicate features fool you. She’s tough, tough enough to play hockey.

Ellen Hoog is a member of the Netherlands’ national hockey team, which won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. If she gets tired of sports, she can certainly look forward to a modeling career.


8 /10 Silje Norendal

Just wow! Silje Norendal is Norwegian, which is not hard to guess at all. It’s pretty obvious as she’s your typical Nordic beauty with those finely-chiseled features and piercing blue eyes.

Silje Norendal is a snowboarder, and she’s won more than one gold medal in international competitions so far.

There’s only one problem with her; you won’t get a chance to see much of her body underneath the heavy costume. Such a shame!


7 /10 Eugenie Bouchard

If you haven’t been paying much attention to tennis tournaments, Eugenie Bouchard has enough charisma to keep your eyes glued to your TV screen when she’s playing.

Sure, those sexy tennis outfits help a lot, but Eugenie is seriously hot. Those superbly toned legs should be trotting on the catwalk.

And then, there’s that winning smile of hers. Since she’s among the best tennis players in the world, she has plenty of reasons to smile!


6 /10 Rachel Daley

Another soccer star to make it into the top 10! English-born Rachel Daley should make you a big soccer fan. At present, sexy blonde Rachel plays for the Houston Dash while still being a member of her national team.

The daily training sure helps stay in shape, and what a beautiful shape that is, but it’s more than that. As they say, she’s got the looks!


5 /10 Jennie Finch

Too bad she’s retired from sporting competitions because Jennie Finch has the magnetic force to keep you watching her play for hours, and it barely matters what she’s playing.

In any case, Jennie Finch has been recognized as one of the best softball players ever.

In 2004, she was part of the US team that won the gold medal at the Athens Olympics Olympics. Four years later, her team won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics.


4 /10 Alana Blanchard

Talk about bikini body! American-born Alana Blanchard spends most of her days on the beach, and it shows.

Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Alana is also a professional surfer on the ASP World Tour. When she’s not hitting the waves, she’s a bikini model, and with those looks, you can bet she’s in very high demand.


3 /10 Robin Bone

Robin Bone is very good with the pole, but we’re not talking about striptease poles here. This Canadian beauty started as a gymnast, which explains that slender body of hers.

However, after suffering a couple of accidents, she switched to pole jumping and is currently one of her best fields. And the hottest!


2 /10 Gracie Gold

Gracie, the ice princess! She is by far one of the most beautiful figure skaters of all times, and keep in mind that’s a field where most of the athletes are so incredibly hot you can only wonder how it is the ice doesn’t melt.

Gracie Gold represented the US at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and won a bronze medal for her splendid skating routine. And a gold one for her looks!


1 /10 Sydney Laroux

OK, one more soccer player to this list. What can you do if they’re so damn hot? Sydney Laroux is a member of the US national soccer team.

And she’s won a gold medal at the last Summer Olympics. She was also a favorite with the public. If you look at those curves, it’s not hard to see why!

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