The teenage years, those are supposed to be the best, aren’t they?

Well, not for the kids on this list who have to contend with rare medical conditions that make their lives miserable.

Amazingly, the soldier determined to make the most of their lives and prove their odd conditions do not define them.


10 /10 Ahern Brothers

Child obesity is a severe problem, but as far as the Ahern brothers are concerned, this is not about fast food and overeating.

The 16-year old twins suffer from a medical condition that turned them into compulsive eaters. The situation is so bad their mother has to keep the fridge and cupboards locked at all times to prevent her kids from eating themselves to death.

That’s not all. Stevie and Eddie sometimes resort to stealing the cat’s food or raiding the trash cans searching for food.


9 /10 Georgia Green

Australian teenager Georgia Green has been dubbed the Sleeping Beauty.

While she is indeed pretty enough to be a princess, she got that nickname because she suffers from a rare neurological condition that makes her sleep for ten days at a time.

Her condition interferes with her life heavily as she is unable to attend school most of the time. As if sleeping for days wasn’t bad enough, when she is awake, her brain feels foggy most of the time, like she’s permanently drunk.

The doctors have no explanation for her strange condition, nor do they have a cure.


8 /10 Ciera Swaringen

Most teenage girls struggle with body insecurities, but Ciera has been doing that for all of her life. The North Carolina girl was born with her body covered in mole-like marks, a rare skin condition that only affects 1 in 500,000 people.

And there aren’t many who get it that bad. While plastic surgery could dramatically improve her skin condition, Ciera refused to have her marks eliminated.

She has grown used to her unique looks. She’s past bullying and proud of who she is, not what she looks like.


7 /10 Arya Permana

This Indonesian kid is known as the fattest boy in the world. When he was only 10, the boy weighed an incredible 423 pounds.

He was forced to spend his teen years at home as he already had trouble moving around. Not to mention that his family couldn’t find him clothes to wear. His favorite pastimes – playing games and, well, eating.


6 /10 Marnie Harvie

Marnie is a British teenager who cries blood. Her ordeal started in 2013 when she started coughing blood. That’s unpleasant but not so unusual.

Then she started bleeding from her eyes. Next, she developed random bleeding in her nose, ears, and even her fingernails.

The doctors have no clue as to what’s causing this strange disorder. On top of that, she has blistering headaches, which forced her to drop out of college.


5 /10 Sophie Green

Almost all girls dream of being a ballerina at some point in their lives. Sophie is no exception, but she faces a significant challenge as she was born without upper limbs.

Since she was born like that, she learned how to do almost everything kids do with her feet. She can feed herself, brush her teeth, do her homework.

One of the happiest days of her life was when she got a pretty ballerina dress, and she dances beautifully.


4 /10 Alexandra Allen

It’s not that she doesn’t like to bathe. She cannot because she has a rare allergy to one of the most basic elements on the planet, water.

Alexandra Allen developed this allergy when she was about 12. When water touches her body, her skin erupts in painful hives.

She cannot take more than three showers per week, and when she does, she uses mostly cold water and is usually out of the bathroom in less than three minutes.

According to her doctors, there’s a risk that one day she’ll suffer an allergic reaction while drinking a glass of water, and she might choke to death.


3 /10 Isaac Hughes

What’s more endearing than seeing a child smile and laugh? For little Isaac, such a normal reaction is all but impossible.

He has facial paralysis, also known as Moebius syndrome. Even learning to speak was a challenge for him as he can barely move his face muscles.


2 /10 Evan Fasciano

This little boy was born with a rare disease that makes his body produce skin cells uncontrollably.

While growing new skin and getting rid of the dead cells is a natural process, doing it at such a fast rate is extremely rare and can be quite painful.

Evan needs to be bathed constantly to remove dead cells, and his parents have to apply tons of moisturizers to prevent him from developing cracks and infections.


1 /10 Shoaib Ahmed And Abdul Rasheed

Ever had trouble putting your kids to sleep? For the parents of these two little Pakistani boys, that’s not a problem.

The kids are affected by an unknown medical condition which makes them drop like logs once the sunsets.

They’re as active as any normal kid during the daytime, but once it gets dark, they’re out. Even if the lights are on in the house, there’s no waking them until sunrise.

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