Some are born perfectly normal but want to change the way they look at all costs. Others are born with extreme handicaps and debilitating conditions and still manage to beat the odds and lead quasi-normal lives.

Here are ten incredible women, some of whom belong in the Guinness Book of World Records.


10 /10 Abigail And Brittany Hensel

Siamese twins that share one body are very rare, and in most cases, they die soon after birth.

In 1990, in Minnesota, Abigail and Brittany Hensel were unique as they survived into adulthood and managed to get an education and become teachers.

Their students were pretty confused, and they met the teacher with two heads, but they got used to it.

It’s fun since the teacher can talk to two kids at a time, but on the other hand, four eyes are watching them when they take a test.


9 /10 Melanie Gaydos

Melanie is a model, but a model like you’ve never seen before. The young woman suffers from a condition known as ectodermal dysplasia.

This causes her to have ashen and delicate skin, which wouldn’t be a problem for a model. However, because of her disease, Melanie is also completely bald, has no teeth or nails.

As you can well imagine, she suffered intense bullying as a child, and nobody would ever play with the ‘freak.’

Nowadays, her face is in fashion magazines, and photographers line up at her door for a chance at a photo shoot.


8 /10 Pixee Fox

As opposed to many women on this list, Pixee Fox wasn’t born with any problem. She was a perfect little girl, yet she somehow got it into her head she wanted to become a cartoon character.

She is fascinated by the exaggerated features typical of cartoon characters and has had multiple surgeries to turn into one. Pixee Fox had six of her ribs removed so she can have the tiniest waist.

By contrast, she’s had tons of implants to give her a massive pair of boobs and a but to make Kim Kardashian green with envy.

That’s not all. Since making her eyes bigger wasn’t an option, she decided to have a rare and costly surgery to alter her eyes’ color from blue to green.

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7 /10 Lizzie Velasquez

At first look, you’d think Lizzie is just another anorexic, but in her case, being skeletal is not by choice. Lizzie was born with sporadic disease, marfanoid-progeroid lipodystrophy syndrome.

Simply put, her body cannot store body fat, no matter how much she eats. She eats between 5,000 and 8,000 calories per day, and she only weighs around 64 pounds, with almost zero body fat.

Now, before you say how much you envy this woman, you must know that living with this disease is quite difficult.

For instance, she’s almost blind in one eye. Not to mention how much she’s been bullied throughout her life.


6 /10 Valeria Lukyanova

Many women dream of looking like a Barbie girl, but Ukrainian-born Valeria Lukyanova is the real deal.

While some women go to extreme lengths and undergo multiple surgeries to achieve their dream, Valeria can thank Mother Nature for most of her assets.

Her blonde locks are all-natural, and so are her exquisite Slavic features. Well, she’s had some fillers here and there and uses plenty of makeup.

Valeria also insists her boobs are real, but, frankly, Mother Nature couldn’t have been so generous.


5 /10 Lauren Williams

You sometimes hear a woman described as having legs that don’t seem to end. Meet Lauren Williams, a woman with incredibly long legs, measuring 49 inches in length.

And let’s say she has beautiful legs. As you can well imagine, Lauren had no problem making a career as a model.

The outfits she parades on the catwalk are custom made, obviously, but shopping for clothes in real life is Mission Impossible for Karen.


4 /10 Zlata

Russian-born Julia Gunthel is merely incredible. Her body is so flexible she is one of the most famous contortionists in the world.

By her professional name, Zlata can quickly put her feet over her head and carry on with the conversation, like sitting on the sofa drinking coffee.

As a young girl, she tried gymnastics, a trendy sport in Russia, but as she grew up, she realized her unique abilities were wasted on that. Today, she has her own YouTube channel and has engagements all over the world.


3 /10 Gerkary Bracho

Would you like to be able to lick your eyeballs with your tongue? Probably not.

However, Florida-resident Gerkary Bracho has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the woman with the most extended tongue in the world, measuring precisely 4.5 inches.

It doesn’t inconvenience her in any way. On the contrary, it makes it easier to lick an ice cream before it melts.

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2 /10 Jessica Cox

You’d say missing both arms is a severe handicap. Not for Jessica Cox, who has learned how to live with her handicap and be quite successful.

She can even drive with her feet and do some pretty delicate things like removing her contact lenses independently.

Jessica has a degree in psychology from the University of Arizona and gives lectures all around the country. Did we mention she’s also a licensed plane pilot? When there’s a will, there’s away.

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1 /10 Jyoti Amge

23-year old Jyoti Amge is the smallest living woman in the world. She’s only two and a half feet tall and weighs some 11 pounds, but she’s full of spirit.

Despite her diminutive size, she’s managed to live an almost everyday life so far and even attended public school.

You might remember her as Ma Petite, one of the freaks in American Horror Story’s fourth season.

And yes, she’s waiting for the moment when she’ll be offered another role because filming was so much fun!

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