The Intelligence Quotient is widely recognized as a certified method of measuring someone’s intelligence.

It’s one thing to say you’re smart, and having good grades in school is more down to memorization and recitation than comparative thinking.

Therefore, having a high IQ score is widely sought after in people looking to recruit big thinkers.

Some of the most accomplished scientists, researchers, doctors, and inventors of all time have had high IQs, which they supplemented through hard work and dedication to their craft. Some men were born lucky enough to be brilliant—men like Christopher Langan.

You won’t find his accomplishments in medical journals, and he doesn’t work at NASA.

This man with a reported IQ between 195 and 200 – twice the average – is a typical American man with a sharp, quick mind and a simple life.

He’s often attributed to being the most intelligent man in the world, but looking at him and knowing what he’s done in the past, you might not know it.

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10 /10 Rough Beginnings

Christopher Langan’s life wasn’t meant to be an easy one. From the beginning, his family was in trouble. His mother, Mary Chappelle, gave birth to him in San Francisco, California.

She was the daughter of a wealthy family in the shipping industry, but she was cut off for unknown reasons and left to fend for herself with her husband.

However, their marriage took a turn when Christopher’s biological father left for Mexico and was presumed dead.

9 /10 Hard Development

From then on, he was raised by a series of step-fathers. The first of whom was murdered, and the second committed suicide.

Each new marriage gave Christopher a new sibling and a new tragedy. The final husband, Jack Langan, was a failed journalist and a drunk who would disappear for long periods, lock the kitchen so the boys couldn’t eat, and use a whip for discipline.

They fell into poverty so foul that they only had one set of clothes each and even lived in a teepee on an Indian reservation in Nevada.

8 /10 Too Cool For School

Langan was a genius from a young age. Despite financial setbacks, his mind was sharp and highly potent.

He skipped grades so fast he was in high school before he was 12, which led to mocking and bullying in his new town of Bozeman, Montana.

The ordeal encouraged him to lift weights to fight his bullies and his abusive father, but his most vital asset was always his mind.

7 /10 Autodidacticism

Eventually, the schools and teachers did nothing for Christopher, so he chose to study independently. He outpaced even his teachers, and they refused to follow up on his requests for more complex work.

He used books to teach advanced math, physics, philosophy, Latin, and Greek.


6 /10 The Perfect Score

The first public sign of Langan’s mind came when he took his SATs to get better chances or college scholarships.

He ended up delivering two perfect scores, something unheard of and complicated at the time, and this was all despite taking a nap during the tests, which reduced his overall time. The time he may not have needed.

It’s possible he completed the tests exceptionally early and had nothing left to do but wait the rest of the time out with his head down in his arms.

5 /10 Smartest College Drop-Out

Langan did not attend an entire career at college for a few reasons. The first was the culture shock of taking the scholarship offered at the University of Chicago.

He couldn’t acclimate to life in the big city after a life very much spent looking and praying for basic shelter as a child. His mother failed to deliver some paperwork in time, which cut off his financial aid and ended his semester early.

He spent 18 months in the Forest Service as a firefighter until he re-enrolled at Montana State University at Bozeman.

But, once again, he failed to connect with college culture, couldn’t afford adequate transportation or scheduling, and came to realize the professors teaching knew less than he did, so he officially dropped out.

4 /10 Wasted Genius

For a time, it seemed like Langan’s intellect went to the wayside as he worked to make ends meet.

He worked as a construction worker, a cowboy, a farmhand, a forest service ranger, and eventually moved far east to Long Island, where he was a bouncer at a bar for over 20 years. He kept his body in top shape as well as his mind.

There is evidence he briefly used his intellect appropriately at a technology company known as Virtual Logistix, but his stay there was short-lived.

3 /10 CTMU

Langan’s genius shines through in his dissertation abilities at formulating theorems, his key one being the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe.

This combines a philosophical and provable mathematical connection between the mind and reality. It’s a “Theory of Everything” that he asserts can prove the existence of the Soul and afterlife.

2 /10 Radical Mind

Langan’s past theories and assertions strayed over political lines into conspiracy territory. He believed in the 9/11 Truther conspiracy and the white genocide, which are adapted as talking points of far-right and alt-right groups.

He’s also opposed to global hegemonic regimes and underlying systemic groups said to control massive political and cultural power, which has gained him a following of people who support things like white supremacy and anti-Zionist rhetoric.

Langan himself has said that his high IQ is proof of his superiority in a racial, biological sense, to some critical reception.


1 /10 Mega Foundation

Chris currently lives off of money from appearances, interviews, and winnings from a one-time stint on a game show 1 vs. 100 with his wife, a neuropsychologist in Missouri.

He founded the Mega Foundation, a non-profit to assist people with IQs above 164 with fellow high-IQ holders, and operates a horse ranch.

He continues to develop his CTMU theorem and asserts to be the most intelligent man alive, though he’s done not as much to show it compared to some less smart before him.

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