8 From Drug Dealer To Drug Trafficker

It was only in 1967, six years after leaving his small town of Weymouth, that he would realize the actual scale of profits that he could make from selling drugs.

After noticing how cheaper it was to acquire marihuana in some states compared to others, he began smuggling it from California to New England. The medium: suitcases that he had his then-girlfriend, a stewardess, take with her in flights around the country.

AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

7 First Arrest: 1974

After a point, the operation had acquired the proportions of a real enterprise: he was flying the drug in from Mexico now, where it was even cheaper, and flying it with private planes that he had stolen from private airports in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

He even paid professional pilots (who were not aware of who they were working for) to move the ‘merchandise’ around. That’s when he was caught: another drug trafficker, who was in police custody, turned him in.


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