It’s never easy watching your idols slowly destroying their lives. Some of them cannot cope with fame or loss of it and turn to drugs and alcohol.

Others try to cling to their youthful looks and pin all their hopes on plastic surgery. For some, cosmetic surgery works, but the results are quite a disaster for some of the celebrities on this list.

No matter how you look at it, no matter how much people still love them, they look like circus freaks. 

Let’s have a look at ten actors who ruined their lives and careers and only have themselves to blame for that.

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10 /10 Melanie Griffith

When she was young, she was damn hot, so hot she had Antonio Banderas fall in love with her and marry her. However, Melanie thought she could turn back time by going under the knife.

Repeatedly. And the results are terrible. With her increasingly freakish appearance, no wonder Banderas split.

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9 /10 Courtney Love

In the early 90s, Courtney Love used to be quite a beauty, and it’s hard to say what happened that she looks so terrible today.

Plastic surgery certainly played a role, and you can safely say all those fillers and Botox she’s had didn’t help at all. On the contrary.

On the other hand, she’s also known for fatty substance abuse, which explains how come she’s in such a bad shape today.

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8 /10 Julianna Rose Mauriello

If you grew up in the early 2000s, you surely remember the funny girl with a pink wig from Lazy Town.

Julianna Rose Mauriello played Stephanie during the first two seasons of the hugely popular TV show, then left as she’d become too old for the part.

Unfortunately, her life quickly unraveled after that, and Julianna was arrested several times for prostitution, not to mention some drug charges.

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7 /10 Val Kilmer

To think that Val Kilmer was once handsome enough to play Batman or rival Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Back in the 80s and the 90s, Kilmer was one of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

Over the past two decades, Val Kilmer had severe weight problems and then went under the knife to regain his looks.

That didn’t work out well, and the funny thing is that Val Kilmer recently announced he’s ready for a Top Gun sequel. With that face?!

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6 /10 Matthew Perry

Suppose you have fond memories of funny Chandler Bing from the hit TV series Friends, better look away.

Perry couldn’t cope with everyday life after the show ended and let himself go. In some of his latest public appearances, he looks older than he really is.

However, the word is he’s getting married, and maybe this will prompt him to lose some of that weight and get in shape.

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5 /10 Courtney Cox

Another of the Friends stars, Courtney, has been locked in a terrible battle with Father Time for many years now.

Courtney cannot seem to get it into her head that’s she’s at that age when playing the mother of the main character is the best she can hope for.

Plastic surgery might help to hide some of the wrinkles and keep her skin firm, but still, it’s a losing battle, Courtney!

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4 /10 Steven Anthony Lawrence

You surely remember him as Beans from the famous Even Stevens Disney show, but you wouldn’t know him if you passed him on the street.

Back then, Steven was a cute young boy with a heart-melting smile, but today he looks like a balding middle-aged guy, although he’s just turned 30.

He seems to have abandoned acting, at least real drama: his latest gig – Santa’s helper at the mall. Santa’s helper?

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3 /10 Angelica Huston

Such a talented actress she was, well, still is, but with that face, don’t expect to see her in many movies, at least not decent film.

The fascinating Morticia Adams should have her face in the dictionary, next to botched plastic surgery. The many procedures she’s had have left her barely recognizable.

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2 /10 Macaulay Culkin

It’s hard to say what happened to the Home Alone star. It’s not age, as he isn’t that old yet. He’s barely turned 40, and he’s been looking a fright for more than a decade now.

The shock of growing up and having to reinvent himself, some side effect of his weird friendship with Michael Jackson?

Whatever it was that pushed him into drugs and alcohol, the result is a pitiful man, looking like a bum rather than an actor. Hopefully, there’s still time for him to turn his life and career around.

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1 /10 Britney Spears

Some would say maybe it’s not her fault and point to the fact that much of Britney’s downfall was caused by the mental issues she suffers from.

We know for sure that the cute girl of the early 2000s has been involved in many scandals, no doubt many of them fueled by drugs and alcohol.

Well, she’s not the only one to go down this road, but things turned scary when Britney got so bad she could no longer be trusted to take care of her kids.

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