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6 Emily Bett Rickards

Long-running TV show Arrow introduced a unknown Canadian actress, Emily Bett Rickards, who wasn’t even supposed to play a big part.

The producers did not feel the need for a nerdy blonde with glasses, but the actress did such a great job that she won herself a recurring character on the hit show.

As the show went on, the main character manages to discover the beauty hiding behind the big glasses and falls in love with her, much to the fans’ delight.

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5 Alyson Hannigan

If you grew up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you surely remember Willow Rosenberg, the shy brainy girl who quietly helps Buffy rid the world of monsters. Being cast as a nerdy unattractive character paid off quite handsomely for Hannigan.

The series got her a lot of attention and praise and paved the way for her to take on other parts in shows and movies, like American Pie, where she is nothing like her mousy character in the Buffy series.


4 Rajiv Surendra

Every teenage high-school movie has to have its token nerd, the uncool kid nobody likes. In Mean Girls, that was Rajiv Surendra, a Canadian actor of Tamil origins who plays Kevin Gnapoor. He is the school’s top mathlete, you know, like an athlete only with maths.

The poor boy’s crush on one of the most popular girls is doomed to fail. However, in real life, Surendra is quite a hot guy!


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