If you were ever impressed by the luxury celebrities’ live, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The children of the world’s most infamous drug lords don’t often make it to the mainstream media, but they have no problem flaunting their lavish lifestyle on social media.

And we’re talking about incredible riches, as some of these people are narco-billionaires.

Everybody breathes a sigh of relief when guys like El Chapo or Pablo Escobar are put behind bars or killed, but in most cases, their children are still free to enjoy their ill-gotten fortunes. And enjoy they do!


10 /10 Joaquin Guzman Jr.

One of the many sons of notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman, Junior followed in his father’s footsteps and is involved with the feared Sinaloa cartel.

In his spare time, he plays with his pet tigers and parties with Paris Hilton’s likes. He has an impressive collection of gold-plated firearms and a diamond-encrusted handgun, with ‘Scarface’ etched on it.


9 /10 Manuela Escobar

Daddy’s little princess. The late Pablo Escobar loved her so much he promised her she would be his only daughter ever.

True to his word, when of his mistresses was pregnant with a girl, Escobar forced her to have an abortion.

Manuela was spoilt rotten, and she didn’t have to worry about a thing after her daddy’s death.

She has plenty of money to last her several lifetimes, although she cannot escape her reputation. She currently lives in Argentina in a heavily guarded colossal mansion.


8 /10 Serafin Zambada

Heir to one of the most dangerous drug dynasties globally, Serafin is the son of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, who took over from Joaquin Guzman.

He scores high on the wealthiest drug lord’s children’s list, and since he has a reputation to maintain, he often posts online pictures of his gold-plated riffles, fast cars, and his incredible shoe collection.

And yes, he has a pet tiger, too. Apparently, tigers are as common as dogs among narco-billionaires.


7 /10 Alejandrina Giselle Guzman

Another of the Guzman clan, Alejandrina, styled herself as a Paris Hilton of the drug world, copying the American socialite’s hairstyle and fashion style, mostly skimpy outfits.

However, she is as ruthless as her brothers and has a decisive say in the family business.

She often posts images of her lavish lifestyle on Twitter, where she once told her 50K followers she has inherited her father’s intelligence. And money, of course.


6 /10 Vicente Zambada Niebla

A drug lord turned rat, now that’s something you don’t see very often. Vicente is one of Ismael’ El Mayo’ Zambada’s sons.

Before his arrest in 2009, Vicente Zambada smuggled into the US more than one billion dollars’ worth of drugs. At his trial, he was a secret DEA informant and most willing to rat on his former partner, Joaquin Guzman.

That’s like putting a death sentence on all his family, but Zambada entered a plea deal with the US authorities, which granted him protection for his family and a lenient jail sentence.


5 /10 Melissa Plancarte

Being super-rich was not enough for Melissa Plancarte; she also wanted to be famous as a pop star.

The daughter of former Mexican drug lord Enrique Plancarte launched her musical career using her daddy’s money, well, just an insignificant fraction of it, but it all came crashing down when discovering who she was.

After her father died in 2014, Melissa kept a low profile while still enjoying her daddy’s blood money. She’s even saved some of her dad’s exotic animals.


4 /10 Enrique Plancarte Junior

Enrique shares his sister Melissa’s passion for music and had dreams of becoming a star, too. He’d often dedicate songs to his ‘old man.’

You wouldn’t believe it, but in 2012 the two Plancarte would-be stars had the nerve to appear at a Mexican music festival, sponsored by the same government who employed a small army to hunt down their notorious father.


3 /10 Sebastian Marroquin

The name probably doesn’t ring any bells, but Sebastian is the son of the most famous drug lord ever, Pablo Escobar.

Sebastian was born Juan Pablo Escobar, and he changed his name when he moved to Argentina, where he allegedly wanted to lead an everyday life.

That did not stop him from cashing in on his father’s legacy by writing a book called ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father.’


2 /10 Ivan Archivaldo Guzman

El Chapo’s son goes by the name of El Chapito, and he is every bit his father’s son.

Just as ambitious, Ivan rose to the top of the Mexican drug trafficking elite, and he’s feared as a cold-blooded killer. While others raise pet tigers, El Chapito got himself a lion and other exotic animals.


1 /10 Francine Lucas-Sinclair

Had enough of Colombian and Mexicans on this list? Francine represents the American drug kingpins, as she is the daughter of Harlem drug lord Frank Sinclair, who flooded New York with tons of cocaine and heroin.

As a kid, she didn’t know what line of business her father was into and never wondered why daddy couldn’t stop buying her plushies. He had a reason; the teddy bears were stuffed with wads of cash!

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