6 Vicente Zambada Niebla

A drug lord turned rat, now that’s something you don’t see very often. Vicente is one of Ismael’ El Mayo’ Zambada’s sons.

Before his arrest in 2009, Vicente Zambada smuggled into the US more than one billion dollars’ worth of drugs. At his trial, he was a secret DEA informant and most willing to rat on his former partner, Joaquin Guzman.

That’s like putting a death sentence on all his family, but Zambada entered a plea deal with the US authorities, which granted him protection for his family and a lenient jail sentence.


5 Melissa Plancarte

Being super-rich was not enough for Melissa Plancarte; she also wanted to be famous as a pop star.

The daughter of former Mexican drug lord Enrique Plancarte launched her musical career using her daddy’s money, well, just an insignificant fraction of it, but it all came crashing down when discovering who she was.

After her father died in 2014, Melissa kept a low profile while still enjoying her daddy’s blood money. She’s even saved some of her dad’s exotic animals.


4 Enrique Plancarte Junior

Enrique shares his sister Melissa’s passion for music and had dreams of becoming a star, too. He’d often dedicate songs to his ‘old man.’

You wouldn’t believe it, but in 2012 the two Plancarte would-be stars had the nerve to appear at a Mexican music festival, sponsored by the same government who employed a small army to hunt down their notorious father.


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