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6 Reese Witherspoon

The 44-year old actress moved to LA when she was very young, determined to be a movie star. She had studied acting and was reasonably confident of her talent, but she was promptly rejected for not being pretty enough whenever she applied for a part.

Reese Witherspoon wasn’t one to give up quickly, and it paid off. When she went to a casting call for The Man in the Moon, she was desperate to get any part, just a chance to have a few lines. Luckily, someone spotted her potential and offered her the leading role.

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5 Kate Winslet

It’s hard to believe Kate Winslet ever made it to the Titanic, considering how hard it was to make producers notice her. Her main fault, she was too fat to be an actress, they said.

When she was a teenager studying acting, her teacher told her she was talented, but she could not hope for more than ‘fat girl’ parts.

Her advice to those who are faced with criticism – ‘Just don’t listen to any of it, because that’s what I did – I kept on going, and I overcame my fears and got over my insecurities.’

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4 Benedict Cumberbatch

He’s one of the sexiest men alive, yet Benedict Cumberbatch had a hard time convincing producers he was attractive enough.

The weird ginger one,’ they called him. He almost didn’t get to play Sherlock Holmes in the hit series that brought him many accolades.


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