If you are an actor, a higher-than-normal dose of confidence is an indispensable trait. It gets you through every casting, harsh criticisms, and potentially unflattering news stories about yourself in the media.

Remember that the world always keeps an eye on public figure or anybody with a celebrity status.

Everyone pays attention to what you say and do, so it is safe to say that self-confidence and perhaps a robust ego are parts of the job requirement.

While a simple decency is always appreciated, every now and then actors have to tell the world they are big stars ready to take the next acting gigs and deliver great performance.

Huge egos can boost actors’ career in Hollywood, but some of them appear to have no idea if the line between self-confidence and arrogance is pretty thin that they just don’t bother anymore.

They make derogatory comments and irritating statements about anyone or display obnoxious behaviors off screen. It has happened before with the following celebrities.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow

Rising to prominence in Emma, where she played the title character of Jane Austen’s novel adaptation film in 1996, and followed by five other leading roles two years later, one can only say that Gwyneth Paltrow deserves to be proud of herself.

But when she made several haughty statements to brag about her fortunes and acting skill superiority, she seemed to have crossed the line between pride and arrogance.

Paltrow says that she is really f**king good at her job and cannot just pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year.

9 Faye Dunaway

From a publication by the Daily Express we now know that Faye Dunaway can be a major pain behind the scenes.

She reportedly belittles just about every service industry employee on regular basis, and claims that her plane tickets should be upgraded befitting her celebrity status.

A flight attendant claimed Dunaway would be screaming at everyone and demanding special treatment.

While filming Chinatown, she reportedly threw a cup filled with urine to director Roman Polanski because he didn’t let her use the restroom.

8 Miles Teller

In the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller will portray Bradley Bradshaw.

Being in such a popular film, especially cast alongside big names like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, and Ed Harris should be enough for just about every actor to earn recognition from the whole world.

Teller apparently found an easier way to get to the same point, and that is by making a lot of annoying claims in public.

During an interview with Esquire in 2015, he claimed the highball glass was modeled after his genital. Before that, he told the New York Times if a lot of actors of his generation were not proper actors.

7 Catherine Zeta-Jones

In June 2018, Catherine Zeta-Jones claimed she was no longer a humble person.

Now she will not allow anyone to shame her just because she is loaded with fortunes and blessed with lasting beauty.

Back in 2013, she bragged about her riches in a spectacularly arrogant manner.

Mrs. Douglas said a million dollar was not a lot of money for people like her and that she bought houses just like money people collected Garbage Pail Kids.

As it turns out, one of the main reasons she collects properties is simply for the view.

6 James Cameron

Speaking of his win for Best Director Academy Award for Titanic in 1998, Cameron literally shouted he was the king of the world.

As obnoxious as it may seemed, such a statement was not really an irritating expression of arrogance, considering the movie also had that same line.

Fast forward to 2009, Cameron was caught on tape at LAX telling a fan to go away because he didn’t owe the fan f**king signature.

When Josh Brolin turned down a role in Avatar, the actor claimed Cameron calling him names.

5 Shannen Doherty

According to Jason Priestly, who worked together with Shannen Doherty in Beverly Hills, 90210, his on-screen twin sister could be a nightmare during the filming of the series.

In his memoir, Priestly spoke of Doherty’s arrogance for example when she complained about the car that took her to airport.

She wanted a limo perhaps because she had the impression that she was a VIP, but Fox sent what she called a “town car” instead.

Furthermore Priestly also claimed Doherty would complain about anything from the food to the cabin temperature. Whether or not her arrogance eventually got her kicked off the show is still anybody’s guess.

4 Katherine Heigl

Her portrayal of Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy brought fame to Heigl.

Combine that with pretty face and s*xiness to boot, there is little wonder why everyone thinks she has a perfect life.

If there is one thing where she does much better than anything else, it would be her abilities to make herself look bad to the press.

Much of it seemed to come from her decision to flat-out reject Emmy nomination for Grey’s Anatomy in 2008.

With that she released a public statement to claim she was not given the material to warrant the nomination.

3 Kanye West

The now-defunct blog called KanyeUniverseCity, West claimed to be an extremist although it did not seem like he actually understood what the term actually implied.

The blog post in which he made that outrageous claim was about him bashing Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Wilson for giving him a B+ rating for his 2008 Glow in the Dark Tour.

West said he was extremist, so he either failed or passed.

Fast forward a decade later, he took to Twitter and announced he had killed his ego, somehow.

2 Jennifer Lopez

In an interview with Moveline in 1998, Jennifer Lopez had the time to talk about two other celebrities namely Madonna and Cameron Diaz.

Speaking of the former, Lopez thinks she’s a great performer but she certainly could do a better job when it comes to acting.

As for the latter, Lopez went as bold as claiming Diaz simply was a lucky model with a lot of opportunities and that she hoped Diaz would have done more with that.

No matter how you put it, what Lopez said certainly wasn’t meant as compliment.

1 Christina Aguilera

In 2014, there was a strange fight that shook the world.

It was between Christina Aguilera and Mickey Mouse.

The pop star was celebrating her 34th birthday at Disney California Adventure and she wanted an impromptu photo session with a staffer dressed in Mickey Mouse costume.

When she found out the staffer was on a break, she burst into rage and called Mickey Mouse a**hole.

She reportedly had a habit of showing up late while filming Season 10 of The Voice then demanding the shoot to revolve around her.

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