Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror wondering if your earlobes are too big or your hips too wide?

Forget about that; you’re quite average.

Just have a look at the extraordinary people on this list, people who got in the Guinness Book of World Records for having outstanding body features – the longest legs, longest tongue, or even the longest mustache in the world.

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10 /10 Longest Moustache - Ram Singh Chauhan

This Indian man holds the Guinness World record for the longest mustache in the world.

He’s been growing and grooming that mustache for years, till it got to an amazing 18.5 feet.

To keep it from getting tangled, Ram keeps his mustache braided most of the time.

That is when he isn’t washing it.

Since it’s such a hassle, he only washes his mustache every few weeks.

He also uses a special conditioner to keep it smooth and shiny.


9 /10 Longest Legs - Yekaterina Lisina

Russian beauty Yekaterina Lisina has been recognized as the tallest professional model globally, and the credit for that goes to her impossibly long legs.

She stands at 6 ft. 8.7 in tall, and her legs measure some 53 inches.

As you can well imagine, she specializes in modeling shorts or mini skirts that showcase her impressive assets.

On the other hand, finding the right clothes in real life is quite a bitch, so she has to have her jeans and dresses custom made.


8 /10 Longest Ear Hair - Radhakant Baijpai

Now that’s something most of us would find gross, but Indian man Radhakant Baijpai is quite happy to have the longest ear hair in the world, 10 inches.

You wouldn’t believe it, but there’s a strong competition in this niche, and Baijpai had to wait patiently for his ear hair to grow just enough to take the title from another Indian, Anthony Victor, who had grown his to a mere 7 inches.

While Baijpai might be in the Guinness Book of World Records, Mrs. Baijpai isn’t happy at all, and she’s been nagging him for years to get rid of that hair.


7 /10 Longest Hair - Xie Qiuping

Move over, Rapunzel, the woman with the longest hair in the world, hails from China, and her name is Xie Qiuping.

Born in 1960, she had decided to let her hair grow when she entered her teens.

A few decades later, her hair measures 18 ft 5 in.

The biggest drawback? No, not washing her hair, although she usually needs two assistants to help her.

The biggest problem is her hair weighs quite a lot, and it’s sometimes hard to keep her balance.


6 /10 Longest Tongue - Nick Stoeberl

Ever tried to lick your elbow?

Don’t bother; most people can’t do it unless you’re someone like Nick Stoeber, who is the certified owner of the longest tongue in the world.

His tongue measures a whopping 3.97 inches and allows him not only to lick his elbow, should he feel the need, but also taste two cones of ice cream at the same time.

Now that might be interesting! California-resident Nick Stoeberl has been trying to cash in as much as possible on this exceptional feature.

He’s been on dozens of TV shows and made a painting using his tongue instead of a brush.

How much money would you be willing to spend to buy this guy’s saliva spread all over the canvas?


5 /10 Biggest P*nis - Jonah Falcon

The luckiest man in the world?

You might say so since American Jonah Falcon holds the Guinness world record for the biggest p*nis.

His manhood measures an amazing 13.5 inches when aroused, and yes, it has made him quite popular with both the ladies and other men.

Falcon, who is bisexual, admits he’s been paid for sex, but he has refused the many offers to become a p*rn star.

He isn’t married either, as he’s determined to make more than one woman happy.


4 /10 Biggest Quads - Robert Forstemann

It took Robert years of hard training to gain the title of Quadzilla and be included in the Guinness Book for the biggest quads in the world.

His huge quads make his legs bulge at 35 inches in circumference. That’s not all.

Robert is so strong that he took part in an experiment where he had to cycle as hard as possible to see if he could produce enough energy to power a toaster.

And he did it! Guess we know who takes care of breakfast in his house!


3 /10 Longest Fingernails - Lee Redmond

American great-grandmother Lee Redmond spent three decades growing her fingernails until they measured a combined 28 ft and 4 inches.

That’s about 2.8 feet per fingernail.

And she did manage to do a lot of household jobs as she’d become very skilled at moving her fingers in such a way as to avoid injuring herself… or others.

Unfortunately, she lost her fingernails in a car accident.


2 /10 Longest Nose - Mehmet Özyürek

Mehmet Özyürek of Turkey holds the record for the longest nose in the world, 3.46 inches from the bridge to the tip.

It hasn’t helped him much, he’s too old to play Pinocchio, but at least he’s famous as he’s been invited to various shows around the world.

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1 /10 Tallest Man - Sultan Kosen

There’s nobody part that stands out as far as Sultan Kosen is concerned.

They’re all huge. Kosen holds the title for the tallest man in the world. How tall? 8 ft 3 in!

That means long legs, long arms, long everything.

He has a busy life traveling around the world for photoshoots, but his amazing height is quite a burden.

His spine is under a lot of stress, and most times, Kosen has to use a cane. A custom-made one, of course.

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