Why are some women more successful than others on Instagram. The social media platform so popular among the younger generation is full of sexy women, but some effortlessly get 2 million followers.

Well, it just seems effortless, but the truth is there’s a lot of work to look hot and take spectacular photos. See for yourself!


10 /10 Kelsey Calemine

The 22-year old American model Kelsey Calemine is one of the most successful Instagram stars.

Kelsey, also known as Fatherkels to her over 2.8 million fans, built her career by posting images of herself and, she does have a lot to show.

If early one she sported short dark hair, Kelsey sports impressive blonde locks that match her angelic eyes.

Her best feature, however, is the slim midriff which she likes to showcase in many photos. No wonder she won the Instagram Babe of the Week title!


9 /10 Valerie Schuur

Valerie Schuur has a striking and certainly atypical beauty of Northern European origins. She stands out with her elongated oval face and amazing blue-green eyes.

That’s one of the things her fans comment about most often. Those eyes are incredible. Naturally, she has way more to show than the eyes.

If you check out her Instagram account, you’ll see Valerie expertly displaying her perfect curves in the most sensual outfits, mostly bikini, as she is a beach fan.


8 /10 Celeste Bright

26-year-old Celeste Bright started her Instagram back in 2014 when she was virtually unknown. She posted model-like photos of her like so many other young women do.

Still, Celeste got the kind of looks that attracted the famous Wilhelmina Models’ interest and landed her a generous contract.

That did not stop her from pursuing her Instagram career, with mostly beach-themed photo shoots. What is it with Instagram babes and the beach? Well, what better place to flaunt your physique?


7 /10 Emma Davies

American Instagram influencer Emma Davies stands out as a sports fan in a universe populated with beach babes.

She must have made quite an impression with this very revealing white outfit she chose for a trip to the Dodgers stadium.

Many of her followers wonder how she manages to look so incredibly thin. Well, she does a lot of fitness training, but, on the other hand, it’s not hard to guess her fridge must be full of salad and smoothies.


6 /10 Gabriella Abutbol

27-year old Californian model Gabriella Abutbol was obsessed with becoming a model since she was a teenager and took part in beauty contests across the US.

That earned her a lot of recognition and some very lucrative contracts as a model.

Over the past few years, she focused her attention on her Instagram presence, where she amassed some 2 million followers. And, no, she doesn’t always post bikini photos!


5 /10 Cassandre Davis

A freckled Instagram star? That’s something you don’t see very often. The 33-year old Cassandre Davis is a bikini model and fitness trainer living in Miami.

A few years back, she created quite a buzz when she was spotted kissing soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, but their romance didn’t last longer than a beach holiday.

If you want a body like hers, maybe you should check her account more often as she regularly posts about her fitness routine and offers nutrition advice.


4 /10 Sarah Houchens

Sarah Houchens is a 26-year old American fitness trainer and, of course, model. Her dream is to become an actress, but that hasn’t happened so far.

However, her Instagram career is going fabulous, and she’s also managed to launch her brand, NVGTN, which sells both items of clothing and supplements and diet plans.

She must know a thing or two about diets, judging by her toned, slender body.


3 /10 Cindy Prado

If you look at her photos, you wouldn’t believe Cindy is 29 years old. Maybe it’s her exotic beauty, which tells of her Spanish and Cuban descent.

All Instagram models take good care of themselves, but Cindy Prado is unique, so it must be genes.

She began modeling at the age of 15 and has an impressive resume so far, including appearances in magazines like FHM and a contract with Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo.


2 /10 Emily Sears

Emily Sears has a nice girl next door vibe about her, and most men would die to have such a hottie as a neighbor.

The 36-year old Australian beauty is a veteran in the modeling industry with more than 15 magazine covers to her name and not just any magazines; we’re talking GQ and Maxim here.

Her followers seem to appreciate not only her looks but also her workout and diet tips.


1 /10 Dian Schwartz

Israeli model Dian Schwartz has one of the most sensual lips ever seen on Instagram, way above the standard duck face that seems to be so popular on social media.

Dian stands out for her Middle-Eastern type of beauty, with silky brown locks and unruly eyebrows. Those eyebrows would be a flaw for many women, but they add to her charm for Dian.

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