Does it pay to be an Instagram celebrity? It certainly looks so, judging by the number of social media personalities who used their popularity to win very lucrative modeling contracts.

Let’s have a look at some of the hottest women on Instagram right now. Which do you find the most attractive?


10 /10 Tammy Hembrow

The 27-year old American fitness trainer is beyond successful, with a jaw-dropping 8 million followers. She launched her Instagram account in 2015, just before the birth of her first child.

She owes her success to prove that you can stay fit and look fantastic after having a child, or two in her case.

Tammy doesn’t just post pictures of herself; she advises her millions of fans on lifestyle, nutrition programs, and workouts. By the way, did we mention that she’s also a single mom?


9 /10 Bonnie Janina Mueller

Supermodel Bonnie Janina is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. The Miami-based beauty is a regular on the catwalk and has earned herself many modeling contracts, and it’s tough to say just what’s her best feature.

Some would say the eyes full of mystery or the sensual lips, but if you check out her Instagram account, you’ll be in awe of those impossibly long legs of hers.


8 /10 Gabrielle Epstein

2.5 million followers? Not too shabby for the Australian Instagram sensation Gabrielle Epstein. Young Gabby used to be a competitive swimmer in her teens until a shoulder injury forced her to quit the world of athletics and turn to a model.

She still has an athlete’s body, and she keeps in shape with a rigorous fitness regimen. If you check out her Instagram account, you’ll get a chance to see just how gorgeous she looks as she has some pic in which she’s practically naked.


7 /10 Olivia Giannella

Olivia is more than just another pretty Instagram babe, as she’s also an actress, and she studied in New York at the prestigious Stella Alder Acting Conservatory.

Besides being a model, Olivia, who’s of Italian descent easily recognizable in her pics, has recently launched her acting career with appearances in various TV series. And she’s just 24 years old, so she has a brilliant job ahead of her.


6 /10 Veronica Bielik

Blonde bombshell Veronica Bielik is not your regular Instagram skinny diva, but she has a perfect hourglass figure.

The 28-year old model of Polish origins was not afraid to admit that she owes her spectacular physique to plastic surgery.

She’s had a boob job, and there’s some botox in those lips of her. Her 2 million followers don’t seem to mind, though.


5 /10 Cindy Mello

Brazilian model Cindy Mello has used her Instagram success to build a spectacular modeling career, working with Ford Models New York and Premier Model Management in London.

This helped her travel the world, which for an Instagram influencer means more picture opportunities.

It’s hard to rise to the top when you only post pictures on the same beach. She’s just 26 years of age and manages to amass more than $12 million in her fortune. Not bad!


4 /10 Carolina Samani

American fitness enthusiast Carolina Samani is an up-and-coming Instagram star. She’s not into the millions of fans yet, but she’s just 20 and hasn’t been long on social media all that long.

As she’s known to her fans, Caro is banking on her youthful looks, and she’s made quite a neat sum of money as a swimsuit model.

With the metabolism of a young girl, she’s one of the few Instagram celebrities that can afford to go out and have ice cream, like a regular person.


3 /10 Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo isn’t just another social media personality. She does not need to be appreciated for her looks. She already got that in 2012 when she was crowned Miss Universe.

And she used to date handsome Nick Jonas. What more can you want?

Beautiful Olivia has close to 5 million Instagram fans, and she doesn’t feel the need always to flaunt her curves, although she occasionally does a beach shoot. But she has a busy life besides that, with many TV appearances and social functions.


2 /10 Olivia Culpo

Blonde hottie Kiera Bernier is in the fitness business and not just to maintain that toned body.

She does fitness videos, and she’s got her TV show dedicated to workouts and the occasional diet tip. She also has an angelic face that contrasts with those full lips, which are anything but innocent.


1 /10 Hailey Bieber

The name says it all. Hailey is the lucky Mrs. Justin Bieber, and many women were left crying when they tied the knot in 2018.

The daughter of Stephen Baldwin, 24-year old Hailey, is a successful model, and you must have seen her Levi jeans campaign, as she sure does seem to be everywhere.

She’s worth around $20 million, which is quite impressive for someone so young.

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