The competition on Instagram is something fierce, and, no, showing a bit (or more) of skin is not enough to take you to the top.

Besides the looks of a model, you need creativity to develop a new picture in a striking pose continually. And it’s not easy at all.

Here are a few of the most successful Instagram models in some of their best photos, the kind of photos that have followers hit the Like button in an instant.


10 /10 Madison Beer

Madison Beer is a 22-year old American singer of Jewish origins, which explains the Middle-Eastern sensuality evident in her traits.

While countless others use social media for a shot at fame, Madison uses Instagram mainly to promote her music career, a career she’s wanted since she was 13, and posting videos on YouTube doing covers of popular songs.

She was lucky enough to catch the eye of none other than Justin Bieber, who helped her get signed with a record label.


9 /10 Lana Rhoades

To look at her sweet innocent face, you wouldn’t know that Lana Rhoades first made a name for herself not on Instagram but in the porn industry.

However, now that she quit porn, she says doing Instagram is way more fun and pays better. Lana says she’s made millions on Instagram but does admit that her former career helped her grow an impressive amount of followers.

Her advice to beautiful young girls – work on your social media accounts rather than try adult the film industry, which she finds scary and not glamorous.


8 /10 Gabrielle Wolf

Young Gabrielle is one of the sexiest girls on Instagram. Super slim and blonde, Gabrielle Wolf channels the party girl air of a much younger Paris Hilton, although she’s way, way more pretty.

When she’s not doing photo shoots, the American model hangs out with her friends or travels the world searching for exotic beaches.


7 /10 Sierra Skye

American Sierra Skye is a swimsuit model, and just a look at her killer body is enough to understand how she got that contract.

She’s a fitness maniac and keeps to a rigorous diet to keep in shape. Her incredible physique has helped her earn more than 4 million followers on Instagram, and she tries not to disappoint them.

When she’s not presenting swimwear, Sierra does racy lingerie.


6 /10 Lindsay Brewer

23-year-old Lindsay Brewer has managed a rare performance. She’s earned her place as one of the most beautiful women in the world and beat men in a male-dominated sport, race driving.

Lindsay has been nominated the future of IndyCar. She doesn’t mind posting sexy photos on social media, but her heart is set on getting to the top in racing, a passion she’s had since she was 11.


5 /10 Amanda Trivizas

Amanda became known as a Kylie Jenner lookalike, and it certainly didn’t hurt her Instagram career. The resemblance is quite striking, but Amanda is nowhere near as rich or famous as Kylie.

The young model also gained some notoriety for her relationship with rapper Tyga. Her specialty on Instagram risque lingerie pics and lifestyle photo blogging helped her raise almost 1 million fans in less than four years.


4 /10 Kobie Dunn

According to her fans, Kobie’s picture should be in the dictionary right along with the word hot, smoking hot.

The young American model has perfect curves, which she regularly showcases in the skimpiest of outfits.

Many have been trying to find out whether her boobs are natural because they’re simply spectacular. On the other hand, she also has amazing eyes, and those are real.


3 /10 Betsy Alvarez

A Cuban national living in Florida, Betsy Alvarez has been on Instagram since 2014 and has half a million fans waiting for daily updates on her glamorous lifestyle.

She does have some cool T-shirts, but she’s also known for her bikini photoshoots, which are a must if you want to make it on Instagram.

Also, success depends on attitude, and if you look at her, Betsy looks like a winner. By the way, did you know that she won the heart of the famous Dr. Mike?


2 /10 Betsy Alvarez (Yes, Again!)

OK, Betsy Alvarez is one of our favorites, so here’s another pic. This time, in entirely athletic gear, because she’s known as a fitness maniac. White suits her so well as it contrasts with her dark brown eyes.

The whole setting in pale colors is meant to emphasize her face and her delicate features, proof that if you’re that gorgeous, you don’t always have to show your boobs. Sometimes less is more!


1 /10 Noam Alon

Another Israeli beauty, Noam Alon, has conquered many hearts and an army of loyal fans with her raw sensuality. That look on her face drove her followers wild, earning her more than 9,000 likes in a couple of hours.

Noam has a splendidly toned body, although she doesn’t post much about fitness. She’s a dedicated beach-goes, so it must be all the swimming that helps her stay in such a perfect shape.

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