You’d think that the most successful Instagram models are all blonde, but that’s not the case.

Yes, Instagram does seem to prefer blondes, but if you look at some of the beauties on this list, you’ll find that dark hair is often associated with more exotic looks, which appeals to many.

Who would you vote for – the blonde babes or the dark-haired hotties?


10 /10 Daniella Salvi

Besides being a model and an actress, American Daniella Salvi has to amass 1 million followers on Instagram. And it doesn’t just look.

Sexy pics help, but Daniella manages her Instagram account like a pro, monitoring insights and trending hashtags to give her fans exactly what they want…

like a beautiful woman in a luxury interior. It’s a question of class, like those white pants of hers, perfectly suitable for the occasion, yet so revealing.


9 /10 Victoria Turner

The 25-year old Australian model Victoria Turner has taken Instagram by storm with her blonde locks and deep blue eyes.

A classical beauty by all definitions, Victoria does a lot of traveling, which is one of the best ways to keep your fans entertained.

Who wouldn’t want to be there in Rome, preferably in the company of sweet Victoria? This is a girl who likes luxury and isn’t afraid of showing it.


8 /10 Lacey Montgomery

Lacey Montgomery is a 30-year old Glasgow-based social media influencer who stands out with her mane of flaming red hair.

Lacey travels a lot as she has plenty of modeling contracts, and this is not all that great as some might think.

In 2019, she had a terrifying experience in Thailand when thrown in a filthy cell after a misunderstanding about her passport. Not exactly a photo opportunity if you hear her tell of that ordeal!


7 /10 Madi Edwards

A rising star in the modeling industry, Australian Madi Edwards has a fantastic figure. Super thin where a woman needs to be light, but with quite delicious curves in all the right places.

26-year old Madi is the picture of sweet innocent elegance, with a simple hairdo meant to emphasize her cute face and those magnetic eyes. And, as this photo proves, you don’t need to get naked to be sexy by the pool.


6 /10 Jennifer Auada

Brazilian-born Jennifer Auada never made a secret of her fascination for the ultimate diva, Marilyn Monroe. One quick look at her photos, and it’s easy to notice that Jennifer exudes the same raw sexuality as the famous Marilyn.

Her dark locks make Jennifer highly appealing and even a little exotic, and if you take a closer look, you’ll notice she’s not wearing any make-up. No wonder she has almost 1 million followers.


5 /10 Erin Ohearn

Canadian-born Erin Ohearn must have some Northern-European ancestry judging by her looks. And there’s not even a question about her best feature, that’s those pale blue eyes so deep you could get lost in them.

While she’s so obviously trying to attract attention to her full lips, one cannot but notice there’s a bit too much botox in them. She’d look just as seductive with more natural lips. What do you think?

4 /10 Lyna Perez

With such a spectacular body, no wonder Lyna Perez makes all the heads turn when she walks down the street. 28-year old Lyna Perez is an American lingerie and bikini model of Latino origins.

Truth be told, that tight dress is just as revealing as any bikini, and the warm color suits her dark hair and skin wonderfully. Lyna is among the most successful Instagram models, with an incredible 6 million fans.

3 /10 Marta Mielczarska

The 27-year old stunning blonde, Marta Mielczarska, was born in Poland but moved to California to pursue a modeling career.

She’s devoting a lot of her time to her social media presence, regularly posting on Instagram photos of her glamorous lifestyle… and body.

She’s also a fitness enthusiast and shares almost 800,000 fans workout tips and videos of her gym routine.

2 /10 Nicky Gile

27-year-old Nicky Gile debuted on Instagram the day she turned 18 and has gathered more than 2 million fans over the years.

Her social media success earned her many modeling contracts, but she doesn’t do only lingerie shots.

Nicky has also been the image for several beauty products, and with glowing skin like hers, you can see why. For instance, in this photo, she’s advertising lipstick that goes just great with her skin tone.

1 /10 Emily Shedler

Blonde bombshell Emily Shedler is a rising star in the fashion industry, not just another Instagram babe.

In February 2021, she was designate Playmate of the month, which is no small feat. If her modeling career doesn’t work out, which we doubt, Emily already has a backup plan.

She is a student at a Munich University in Germany, where she’s doing Asian studies. Incidentally, she’s also a fan of Asian cuisine, which she finds better for her figure than the standard Western diet that relies too heavily on carbs.Β 

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