Instagram is more than social media. Instagram is a big business, at least for the fortunate few who manage to amass millions of followers.

What does it take to become an influencer on Instagram?

It’s undoubtedly more than pretty pics, millions of teenagers post cute photos every day on Instagram, and none of them are famous.

To become a successful model on Instagram, you need to be creative and set the trend rather than follow one.

It would help if you also had determination and a rigorous posting schedule to keep your fans involved. 

Here are 10 of the most attractive models that are trending on Instagram right now.


10 /10 Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is a fitness model who has over 25 million followers on Instagram. Besides looking gorgeous, she offers her fans regular fitness tips and posts photos from her workout sessions.

Well, some of the pics are incredibly sexy and have little to do with workouts, but still… How does she make money?

Mainly through the products she endorses and recommends to her followers as being the best to keep them fit.


9 /10 Ryann Murphy

28-year old American model Ryann Murphy is famous for her skimpy outfits. Most of the time, she models bathing suits, but she also posts pictures of her fabulous holidays.

Ryann Murphy is renowned for her tiny waist and spectacular boobs, which feature prominently in most of her photos.

Outside Instagram, the model was selected to appear in a few ads, and she also does real-life modeling jobs.


8 /10 Mia Khalifa

Even if you’re not on Instagram, you must have heard of Mia Khalifa. She’s an odd figure among other Instagram babes as she has dark hair, unruly eyebrows, and wears glasses.

Mia was born in Beirut but moved to the US when she was very young. She made a career in p*rn, quickly rising to number one on P*rnhub.

She quit p*rn a few years ago to become a webcam model and a highly successful one. She is married to Swedish chef Robert Sandberg.


7 /10 Alice Roberts

According to Alice Roberts, her best asset is her smile, which is quite seducing, but frankly speaking, it’s mostly her fabulous body her followers like to see.

Her secret to looking so sexy is her tan, or so she says. As an Australian, Alice has plenty of beaches to perfect her tan. She’s also a business-savvy young woman with her jewelry line.


6 /10 Abby Rao

Blonde bombshell Abby Rao has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, but she’s also a star on TikTok.

She describes herself as a model and a content creator. Most of the content she creates is smoking hot photos, and her success on social media also brought her modeling contracts for famous fashion and beauty brands.

Abby knows how to keep people interested by sharing personal updates on her private life.

If you want to know what her fans are wondering at the time, that’s who is sexy Abby dating, as she’s been single for some time now.


5 /10 Gabrielle Epstein

Gabrielle Epstein became an Instagram celebrity thanks to her flawless physique and raw sensuality, which contrasts with her angelic face.

Sort of the cute girl next door, only it’s a very hot neighbor. Gabrielle does modeling for lingerie companies.

Most of the pictures are shot in her bedroom, which creates intimacy between her and her millions of followers.


4 /10 Tarsha Olarte

20.year old Tarsha Olarte is another Aussie that’s hot on Instagram. She’s still young in this business, but she’s recently reached the million followers milestone, and her following is increasing.

Her photos showcase her splendid tanned skin, but her best assets are her full sensual lips and her glorious eyes.


3 /10 Casey Costelloe

Her outfits leave little to the imagination, as Cassey Costelloe’s specialty is holiday pics. That’s usually beach holidays, and plenty of bikinis and barely-there swimwear to reveal her perfect body.

The Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to her travel plans, so Casey flooded her account with throwback pics of past holidays, but since she’s so hot, nobody minded those were not new photos.

Who cares what else is in the picture? People want to see her, not some random beach, no matter how fabulous.


2 /10 Anna Louise

Young Anna Louise is a skincare expert, and she doesn’t mind sharing her beauty routine with her millions of followers. Not that her skin needs much by way of care since it’s flawless.

At the same time, Anna Louise used her Instagram celebrity to go into a real business and launched a Temptation Swim swimwear company. And she doesn’t have to pay for other models since she can present her bikinis herself.


1 /10 Chantel Jeffries

28-year old model Chantel Jeffries is not just another Instagram beauty. She’s a powerful influencer with ties to real-life celebrities.

She’s famous for dating Justin Bieber a few years ago, and at present, she promotes Rhianna’s lingerie line.

Like any other Instagram celebrity, she regularly posts photos to illustrate her spectacular lifestyle, including posh holidays and shopping sprees.

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