Traditionally, most top ten beautiful people lists are based on popular vote, and you will inevitably find those who disagree. “Who? That one? I can’t stand her!”

Is there any other method? One that is less subjective?

Various experts have come up with scientific methods, mostly based on symmetry and the Ancient Greek Golden Ratio, rating faces on how they score on specific criteria.

The test looks at things such as the shape of the face, the distance between the eyes, the proportion between nose and ears, etc.

Let’s see who are the most beautiful people in the world based on scientific criteria.

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10 /10 Brad Pitt

Well, that’s not unexpected, Brad Pitt has always been considered super hot, and his fans don’t need any Greek ratio.

However, science backs up his claim to perfection. Using a detailed model based on symmetry points and proportions, American scientist Dr.Kendra Schmid established that Brad Pitt’s face scored 9.67 out of 10, which is truly impressive.

Female fans love everything about Brad Pitt, but, according to Schmid, he scored highest for his forehead, the position of the eyes, and the chin. What about those lips?

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9 /10 Bella Hadid

24.year old Bella Hadid is one of the most successful models of the moment, and she scored an overwhelming 94.5% on the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi test.

The experts said her long slender face perfectly fits the classical standards, while her blue-green eyes are the pinnacle of beauty.

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8 /10 Robert Pattinson

The Twilight star did not need scientific backing, but it sure doesn’t hurt when experts proclaim you ‘the most handsome man in the world. What recommends Robert Pattinson for the title?

Well, almost everything, starting with the shape of his face. Pattinson also scored highly when it came to eyes, nose, and those sweet lips. Overall, Robert Pattinson scored 92.15%, the highest among male Hollywood celebities.

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7 /10 Henry Cavill

The 37-year old English actor won international acclaim with his role as Superman, although he already had an impressive movie and TV career before that.

And he also had a mob of very loyal fans. Now, scientists have established that Henry Cavill is one of the most handsome men globally, second only to the aforementioned Robert Pattinson.

As far as he is concerned, Henry Cavill scored 91.64% on the Golden Ratio test. His best features – the high forehead, the nose, and the lips.

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6 /10 Scarlett Johansson

Sex-symbol Scarlett Johansson scored 89.8% on the test that uses the Golden Ratio to determine beauty. According to experts, her nose and her chin are among her best features.

However, something else put the Avengers’ star on top of the list; her eyes were declared the most beautiful in the world, or at least among Hollywood celebrities.

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5 /10 Kim Kardashian

She’s already one of the most famous people globally and quite hot, but does her beauty fit scientific criteria? It does.

While most people speak of Kim’s other impressive assets, the experts focused solely on her face. She scored 91.3% on the test, with high marks for her exquisite long face and magnetic eyes.

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4 /10 Kate Moss

The English supermodel was named queen of the heroin chic era, with her slender body and high cheeks. Moss was rated at 91.6%.

Her best feature is her forehead, which is perfect, although no one can deny her eyes are also beautiful. Kate Moss (46) has left the runaway years ago, but not the fashion industry. She has her clothing line today and contributes to fashion magazines, like Vogue.

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3 /10 David Gandy

The 40-year old British supermodel has managed to beat many Hollywood celebrities.

In 2015, he was declared the most beautiful man globally, according to one study that looked at particular criteria like the distance between the eyes, the chin, or the distance between eyes and mouth. You don’t have to be a scientist to get lost in Gandy’s strikingly blue eyes.

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2 /10 James Franco

American actor James Franco was named one of the most beautiful men globally by Israeli experts who have devised their formula. One that uses math of all things to determine beauty.

Of all the images they compared against this formula, James Franco’s photo was almost perfect. Millions of women would agree!

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1 /10 Emily Ratajkowski

Again, no surprise here. The British model and actress have consistently topped many beauty lists in recent years. Now, she has science to back her up.

The darling of the world’s catwalks has scored an almost perfect 99.56% for her nose. Scientists have also established that she has the most beautiful lips globally, with 96.7 % against the golden ratio, beating even Marilyn Monroe, the timeless sex symbol.

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