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6 Scarlett Johansson

Sex-symbol Scarlett Johansson scored 89.8% on the test that uses the Golden Ratio to determine beauty. According to experts, her nose and her chin are among her best features.

However, something else put the Avengers’ star on top of the list; her eyes were declared the most beautiful in the world, or at least among Hollywood celebrities.

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5 Kim Kardashian

She’s already one of the most famous people globally and quite hot, but does her beauty fit scientific criteria? It does.

While most people speak of Kim’s other impressive assets, the experts focused solely on her face. She scored 91.3% on the test, with high marks for her exquisite long face and magnetic eyes.

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4 Kate Moss

The English supermodel was named queen of the heroin chic era, with her slender body and high cheeks. Moss was rated at 91.6%.

Her best feature is her forehead, which is perfect, although no one can deny her eyes are also beautiful. Kate Moss (46) has left the runaway years ago, but not the fashion industry. She has her clothing line today and contributes to fashion magazines, like Vogue.


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