As a movie lover, several disturbing movie sets cost people’s lives, especially actors and who fear hazardous scenes or complex contexts.

As much as movies are entertaining, acting can get dangerous as the actors put their lives at risk by acting in dangerous sites for certain scenes.

Movies are perfect for entertaining, relaxing, laughing, or crying, but actors go through many dangers, and there have been several cases of deaths when acting.

Dangerous scenes mainly cause disasters that occur while shooting movies. The most tragic movies in the history of popular movies are:

10 The Titanic

As much as this movie gained many fans, mainly due to the movie’s emotional context, the movie set is enough evidence that movie business is a dangerous hustle.

In this show, some actors ate clam chowder, and the anxiety was the effect of James Cameron’s story and the other actor bill Paxton.

Many actors acquired injuries during the process of shooting this movie as others fell sick.

An actress called kate Winslet suffered from pneumonia after shooting the movie because she did not wear her wetsuit under the costume.

She almost died after her coat got stuck on the gate, then she was feeling her body get pulled down as she nearly drowned.

After this incident, she suffered severe bruises like fractured bones, a broken wrist, and a wrist fracture.

9 Die-Hard

In this movie, there were some dangerous spots for acting several scenes, and from the interview with some of the actors, it’s evident that this movie was disastrous.

In this movie, Bruce Willis almost lost his hearing when he shot a modified gun to produce louder noises.

That’s risky and dangerous equipment because it almost hosted the hearing of an actor. That’s a disastrous thing to happen to anyone; hence movies have challenges too.

Yes, they are fun to watch, but they can cause an actor’s death or impairment in seconds.

8 Back To The Future Part III

In this movie, an actor almost suffocated while acting, and his name is Michael J. Fox.

The scene was quite dangerous as it had the characters of a film villain, mad dog Tannen and others.

The actor was rescued in the nick of time as he had lost his breath, but the others realized and lowered the neck noose.

7 Cast Away

When filming cast away, tom Hanks almost died in one scene when they were shooting the movie.

He explained that he had a cut before going to the island, and it was in the knee area.

Later on, he told the doctor he needed to have a wound cleaned and some antibiotics, but the doctor said to him that he suffered from staph infections.

The infection is a severe foreign type of bacteria that causes blood poisoning.

Many deaths of blood poisoning victims occur in minutes, and it was by good luck that he survived.

6 Star Wars

In the Force Awakens scene of this movie that has been gaining popularity since it was released, an actor almost broke a leg.

The actor was Harrison Ford, and a door almost fell on his leg during the scene of force awakens, and that’s how movies can get risky or cause one’s death in a matter of minutes.

5 The Lord Of The Rings

The movie that many people loved, but what the fans do not know is that the movie almost caused different actors’ deaths.

An actor sean Astin was injured on his right leg as he stepped on a glass piece.

The other actor, Orlando bloom, suffered from severe injuries of the rib after falling off a horse.

Viggo Mortensen suffered after he broke his toes, his tooth chipped, and he was almost drowning when he got a rescuer.

4 The Passion Of The Christ

In this movie, the actor Jim Caviezel, or Jesus, because he played as Jesus Christ on the film.

The part of the sermon on the mount had some hitches that caused him to be stricken by lightning.

After the incident, pneumonia followed and later on hypothermia.

This is enough proof that movies can be dangerous, and actors need all respect.

As if that’s not enough, you have to wear thorns in your head and carry a cross weighing 150 pounds.

That’s completely a huge risk; it’s like risking their lives.

3 The Crow

On March 31st, 1993, a prop gun was improperly prepared on the set of The Crow, which caused Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son’s untimely demise.

The prop gun’s loading malfunction caused the firing of dummy bullets at the same velocity as live ammunition. Only blanks were intended to be fired.

These bullets struck Brandon’s abdomen and ultimately led to his death. At the time of his passing he was just 28 years old.

The Crow was released the following year after required additional scenes were finished being shot. Fans and audiences alike showed up in flocks to witness what would be Brandon Lee’s eerie last film.

2 Top Gun

In this movie, the Pilot and the aerial cameraman had to spin out of control because he couldn’t capture a shot.

It caused the aeroplane to crash in the ocean, and the craft hasn’t been recovered up to date.

That’s a precarious and dangerous business, and that is why people are to respect others’ hustles because you don’t know what it takes to do their job.

1 The Conqueror

From YouTube, this movie had a part with former nuclear weapons testing grounds, and the actors got exposed to radiation from this incident.

Later on, the movie cast and crew started suffering from similar symptoms, and after the doctors tested them, their results were shocking.

Two hundred twenty people had cancer, and they were exposed to the radiation of the testing grounds.

John Wayne and the other director, dick Powell, later died from the illness, and this movie is ranked among the worst films due to this tragedy.

Movies can be fun and a great entertainment source, but after reading about these tragic stories that occur when actors are shooting movies, you will fear.

Anyway, there are many risks in every industry; hence it’s vital to enjoy while it lasts because tomorrow isn’t promised!

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