8 /10 Child Labor

Young children used to be seen as efficient workers to do manual labors, for they required smaller pay and were easier to discipline.

They were a common sight in just about every industry, from traditional agricultural fields to mining. Factories and mills employed underage kids to make textile, cigars, kitchenware, glass, and mass-produced consumer goods.

It is difficult to wipe out the practice entirely. Still, at the very least, child labor is heavily regulated in both developed and developing countries to protect the most vulnerable members in the workforce.

The History Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

7 /10 Postmortem Photography

In Victorian-era England, getting a photo taken was a pretty expensive luxury that many people only experienced once or twice in their lifetime.

If a person died young without ever getting photographed before, the family might decide to have one taken with the deceased all dressed-up and posed to make the corpse look alive.

It was a common practice, perhaps the most common type of photography back then. Nobody thought of it as spooky or weird. If you take a photograph like that today, most people might tell you to see a shrink.


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