8 Alien And Agenderflux Go Hand In Hand

For Jareth, being alien and being agenderflux are part of the same otherworldly identity. Being agenderflux means that they mostly identify as agender but will sometimes feel like they have a specific gender sometimes.

Agenderflux people are different from genderfluid. While those can feel like any gender on a given day, agenderflux persons will experience all the spectrum between no gender and, consistently, one specific gender. To Jareth:

“the ‘Alien’ part of my gender is more of an indicator of not wanting to be a part of my human identifiers. It fits alongside the agenderflux identity, and I feel like they are the same, in many ways.”


7 Being Agenderflux In A Gendered World

It’s not easy being agenderflux in a world where many everyday interactions, from buying bread to receiving a client at the barbershop where Jareth works, are still mediated by gender norms.

And though Jared makes it clear that they are “never a girl or anywhere on the feminine side of the spectrum,” many people are still confused by them when they meet them.

In particular, their decision to have their nipples removed has shocked many, even though it’s a way of self-affirmation as valid as the mastectomy that they had during their first transition.


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