8 /10 Paula Jean Welden

There is an area in southwestern Vermont popularly known as the Bennington Triangle, within which several people mysteriously disappeared between 1945 and 1950.

One of the missing persons in the room was Paula Jean Welden, a sophomore at Bennington College in North Bennington, Vermont.

On December 1, 1946, she took a walk on a portion of the Long Trail, located few miles from the campus.

She was last seen walking in a northerly direction on an area now known as Harbour Road. Welden never returned.


7 /10 Charles Horvath

In 1989, Charles Horvath traveled to Canada to visit his biological father and godfather in Ontario.

He sent a fax to his mother back in England from Roche Stationers, Kelowna, about meeting with her and stepfather to celebrate his 21st birthday. That was the last time anyone has heard of Charles Horvath.

All his personal belongings were left behind. Foul play was also suspected, but all clues only led to nowhere. By 2010, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) listed Charles Horvath as deceased. The case is, until today, still an open investigation.


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