6 /10 Lauren Spierer

An Indiana University student named Lauren Spierer went missing on June 3, 2011. She was last seen early in the morning, around 4:30 on that day, walking alone outside an off-campus apartment.

Authorities said Spierer disappeared after attending a party at a bar in Bloomington.

Her disappearance sparked a nationwide search, but until today, investigators can still locate her whereabouts, and many clues have led only to dead ends. She is presumed dead.


5 /10 Mary Virginia Carpenter

On June 1, 1948, Mary Virginia Carpenter was on her way to Texas State College for Women (now known as Texas Women’s University) in Denton.

She took a train first, then continued by taxi to the Brackenridge Hall. The driver saw Miss Carpenter getting out of the cab then walking over to a convertible parked outside a dorm.

Carpenter talked to two male occupants as if she knew them well. She would never be seen again. Neither of the two men was identified. Seven years after she had gone missing, Carpenter was officially declared dead.


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