8 /10 Scattered Pills And Alcohol

The parents were soon identified as Gloria Williams and her boyfriend, Brian Coulter. The apartment unit was an unsanitary environment – to put it mildly – for anybody, let alone children, to live in and grow up.

The kids had to wash dishes in the bathtub. Pills and alcohol were found scattered on the floor, but Sgt. Wolfford didn’t think they were forced to consume it.

Williams and Coulter had groceries delivered to the apartment every few weeks, but no adults lived in the unit.

7 /10 Beaten To Death

The deceased body was identified as Kendrick Lee, who died in November 2020. Investigators found a series of social media posts under Williams’ account.

On an Instagram post dated February 2021, she was seen listening to music and cooking steak in the apartment. Authorities confirmed that the apartment shown in the center was the same unit where they found Lee’s body.

According to the brothers, Coulter beat the 8-year-old boy to death, and his lifeless body was left to decompose in the back bedroom.


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