8 /10 Missing Couple

The case of his serial murders surfaced in November 2016. A couple, Kala Brown and Charles Carver were reported missing in August.

Investigators figured out the couple went to see Kohlhepp on his property from a social media post.

The last ping from Brown’s cell phone confirmed she had been in the location.

When the police arrived on November 3, they found Brown inside a locked metal container with her neck and ankle chained. She was screaming for help when they opened the door.

Mircea Moira /

7 /10 Mysterious Postings

The disappearance of Kala Brown and Charles Carver drew national attention, mainly because some mysterious postings came up on the latter’s Facebook page.

A post indicated that the couple, who lived near Anderson, had left town but were otherwise alright.

Instead of giving their friends and families some reassurances, the post ignited heightened concerns for their wellbeing.

Following a thorough search of the property that day, the only sign of Carver was his brush-covered vehicle. Todd Kohlhepp was taken into custody.


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