8 Best Left Unsaid

Many tribes consider it deceitful to even talk about Skinwalkers. It goes as far back as when the belief started: talking about them made them more real and dangerous.

They were people most of the time. It was only when they wore an animal’s skin and moved like it that they would turn.

It also turned an eye on the old ways and their often dangerous practices. It’s seen as a shame for the culture to talk about, as they believe some people were evil enough to become Skinwalkers.

7 Strict Initiation

Anyone can become a Skinwalker. It’s disputed as to how the first of them were made, but they all connect to taboos. Murdering a family member is usually cited as one way to gain terrible powers.

Another is for a Medicine Man to abuse his powers of healing to take life instead of willfully. At that point, the person’s heart is already corrupt enough that any action won’t be too evil for them.


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